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For the comic book series titled "X-Men Classic," see Classic X-Men. X-Men Classics is the name of two different series of 6-inch X-Men action figures by Toy Biz.

The first line was released in 2004 and consisted of comic accurate sculpts and paint applications. The line went on hiatus after 1 wave.[1]

The line was revamped in 2005 and lasted 3 waves. It featured several new sculpts of both completely original costumes and previously unproduced costumes with repaints of existing figures scattered throughout.

Series Release Figure Accessories Description
1 2004 Archangel Missile-firing wings
Cyclops Jim Lee costume, light-up visor
Gambit disk shooter Light-up eyes
Wolverine wild Sentinel New X-Men costume
Wolverine Tiger Stripe
2 2005 Archangel Series 1 repaint
Gambit disk shooter Series 1 repaint
Magneto Light-up backpack
Wolverine Ninja Strike
Cyclops missile-firing cannon Ruby Quartz Armor, light-up visor
Beast Stealth
stealth, Cat-faced variant
Wolverine Stealth
Body would later be reused for the 2007 Marvel Legends two-pack Cable figure from Hasbro
Storm White repaint of Marvel Legends Series 8
3 2005 Wolverine jetpack Air Strike, House of M SHIELD costume
Angel Bird of Prey
Juggernaut Pound 'n Punch action
Cyclops cannon Stealth, light-up visor
Beast Tech gear
4 2005 Avalanche vibrating rockslide base
Colossus Retooled/repaint of Marvel Legends Series 5
Iceman rolling iceslide normal
Ultimate variant
ice-off Bobby Drake variant
Jean Grey flame display base Phoenix (only 3 made)
Rogue X-Treme X-Men costume, short hair and jacket
X-Treme X-Men costume, long hair and no jacket variant
Nightcrawler 2 swords Ultimate, light-up eyes and mouth
Sabretooth interchangeable hands Ultimate, slashing action


Vehicle Figure Description
X-Treme Mutant Motorcycle Cyclops
X-Treme Mutant Motorcycle Wolverine
Mutant Racer Wolverine repaint/retooled Marvel Legends series 3 "unmasked"
X-Jet Wolverine repaint from X-Men (film), Astonishing X-Men repaint/retool of Series 1
Sentinel 12-Inch
14-Inch, redeco of the 1992 X-Men: The Animated Series line

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