XPW European Championship
Jonny Storm, first and only European champion
PromotionXtreme Pro Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Date establishedMarch 16, 2003
Date retiredJanuary 1, 2005

The Xtreme Pro Wrestling European Championship is a former professional wrestling title defended in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance.

The championship was created in 2003 through a working relationship between XPW and the FWA. This was to be the flagship of the working relationship as the title would be defended throughout Europe and would appear on both promotions respective television programmes, however the title's primary home was to be the FWA. Though it was defended in the FWA, the belt itself was never actually seen, due to XPW folding shortly after the tournament final that determined the first champion.[1] Jonny Storm, the winner of the tournament continued to defend the belt which was supposedly in the briefcase he carried with him around the world until January 2005 when Storm officially vacated the title.

First champion

Round One Round Two Finals
Zebra Kid DRAW2
"Wild Cat" Robbie Brookside  
Jonny Storm
Jonny Storm  
Juventud Guerrera  
Jonny Storm
Jerry Lynn
Simon Diamond  
Jerry Lynn
Jerry Lynn  
Chris Hamrick  

1. ^ Zebra Kid, Robbie Brookside, Jonny Storm and Juventuded Guerrera wrestled representing FWA. Psicosis, Simon Diamond, Jerry Lynn and Chris Hamrick wrestled representing XPW.
2. ^ The match ended in a Double Red Card as both men failed to return to the ring before a 20 count.

Title history

# Wrestler Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes Ref.
1 Jonny Storm 1 March 16, 2003 657 Broxbourne, England FWA Crunch 2003 Defeated Jerry Lynn in a tournament final. [2]
- Deactivated - January 1, 2005 N/A N/A N/A    

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