Xi Jinping Thought on Culture (Chinese: 习近平文化思想) is the current propaganda, ideological and cultural policies of the People's Republic of China. It is a part of the larger Xi Jinping Thought, which is derived from the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping. It was established during the National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology, and Cultural Work, held in October 2023.


The Xi Jinping Thought on Culture was put forward during the National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology, and Cultural Work, held between 7–8 October 2023.[1][2] According to Xinhua News Agency, the "new ideas and judgments about cultural development in the new era put forward by Xi have enriched and developed Marxist cultural theories", forming the Xi Jinping Thought on Culture.[3] CCP Politburo Standing Committee member Cai Qi, who chaired the meeting, read an instruction from Xi, which called on propaganda, ideology and culture work to focus on the "primary political task of arming the whole party and educating the people with the party’s innovative theories".[4]


According to the People's Daily, there are eleven major points for Xi Jinping Thought on Culture:[5]

The People's Daily also outlined 16 aspects, which it said were the "main connotation of this important thought at the 'utilization' level".[5]


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