Xiahou He
Minister of the Household (光祿勳)
In office
265 or after (265 or after) – ? (?)
MonarchEmperor Wu of Jin
Minister of Ceremonies (太常)
In office
? (?)–? (?)
Intendant of Henan (河南尹)
In office
? (?)–? (?)
Personal details
Courtesy nameYiquan (義權)

Xiahou He (fl. third century), courtesy name Yiquan, was an official of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China.


Xiahou was the fifth son of Xiahou Yuan, a general who served under Cao Cao, the warlord who laid the foundation for the Cao Wei state in the late Eastern Han dynasty before the Three Kingdoms period. He served in various positions in the Cao Wei government, including Intendant of Henan (河南尹) and Minister of Ceremonies (太常). He also served as a Left Major (左司馬) and an Attendant (侍郎) under Sima Zhao, the Wei regent.

In 264, the Wei general Zhong Hui started a rebellion in the former territories of Wei's rival state Shu Han after helping Wei conquer them in the previous year. At the time, Xiahou He had been appointed by the Wei government as an emissary to visit Zhong Hui in Chengdu, the former capital of Shu, so he used his imperial authority to command the Wei military forces to aid in the suppression of Zhong Hui's rebellion. He was later enfeoffed as a district marquis (鄉侯) for his contributions.

Xiahou continued serving under the Jin dynasty (266–420), which replaced the Cao Wei state, and held the position of Minister of the Household (光祿勳) in the Jin government.

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