Xilu Subdistrict
Liangxiang High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, 2021
Liangxiang High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, 2021
Xilu Subdistrict is located in Beijing
Xilu Subdistrict
Xilu Subdistrict
Xilu Subdistrict is located in China
Xilu Subdistrict
Xilu Subdistrict
Coordinates: 39°43′27″N 116°06′33″E / 39.72417°N 116.10917°E / 39.72417; 116.10917
Village-level Divisions17 communities
7 villages
 • Total10.81 km2 (4.17 sq mi)
 • Total75,903
 • Density7,000/km2 (18,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Xilu Subdistrict (Chinese: 西潞街道; pinyin: Xīlù Jiēdào) is one of the eight subdistricts of Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Wangzuo Town in the north, Gongchen Subdistrict in the east, Yanchun Town in the southwest, and Qinglonghu Town in the northwest. It had 75,903 residents as of 2020.[1]


Timetable of Xilu Subdistrict‘s History[2]
Year Status
1916 Part of the 1st Central District of Liangxiang County
1949 Part of Chengxiang District
1951 Part of the 1st District
1953 Part of Liangxiang Town
1956 Part of Chengguan Town
1958 Part of Liangxiang People's Commune
1960 Incorporated into Liangxiang People's Commune
1979 reinstated as Liangxiang Town
1989 Became Liangxiang Area
1999 Became a town while retaining the status of an area
2001 Incorporated Guandao Town
2005 Liangxiang Town was split into 3, the northwestern portion became Xilu Subdistrict

Administrative Divisions

In 2021, Xilu Subdistrict administered 24 subdisvisions, including 17 communities and 7 villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
10111012001 夏庄 Xiazhuang Community
110111012002 西潞东里 Xilu Dongli Community
110111012003 月华东里 Yuehua Dongli Community
110111012004 北潞园 Beiluyuan Community
110111012005 苏庄一里 Suzhuang Yili Community
110111012006 西潞园 Xiluyuan Community
110111012007 苏庄二里 Suzhuang Erli Community
110111012008 西路大街 Xilu Dajie Community
110111012009 苏庄三里 Suzhuang Sanli Community
110111012010 海逸半岛 Haiyi Bandao Community
110111012011 太平庄西里 Taipingzhuang Xili Community
110111012012 北潞春 Beiluchun Community
110111012013 金鸽园 Jingeyuan Community
110111012014 太平庄东里 Taipingzhuang Dongli Community
110111012015 海悦嘉园 Haiyue Jiayuan Community
110111012016 北潞馨 Beiluxin Community
110111012017 西潞园南里 Xiluyuan Nanli Community
110111012200 詹庄 Zhanzhuang Village
110111012201 安庄 Anzhuang Village
110111012202 固村 Gucun Village
110111012203 太平庄 Taipingzhuang Village
110111012204 南上岗 Nanshanggang Village
110111012205 东沿村 Dongyancun Village
110111012206 苏庄 Suzhuang Village

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