Original author(s)Shinsaku Fujita (藤田眞作, Fujita Shinsaku)
Developer(s)Shinsaku Fujita
Initial release1 December 1993; 30 years ago (1993-12-01)[1]
Stable release
5.06[2] / 1 September 2013; 10 years ago (2013-09-01)[3]
PlatformMultiplatform (TeX)
Size15125 KB[3]
TypeMolecule editor
LicenseLaTeX Project Public License 1.3[2]

ΧyMTeΧ is a macro package for TeX which renders high-quality chemical structure diagrams. Using the typesetting system, the name is styled as XϒMTeX. It was originally written by Shinsaku Fujita (藤田眞作, Fujita Shinsaku). Molecules are defined by TeX markup.


The following code produces the image for corticosterone below.

Corticosterone as rendered by XyMTeX

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