Yaboot (yet another boot loader[1]) is a bootloader for PowerPC-based hardware running Linux.[2][3]


In 2009, maintenance by Paul Nasrat was handed over to Tony Breeds.[4]

Hardware support

Support includes the New World ROM Macintosh and IBM RS/6000 systems. It does not support the "OldWorld" PowerMacs.[2]

Booting procedure

It is built to run within the Open Firmware layer common to most such systems instead of working as a Mac OS 9 program like its predecessor BootX.

Yaboot is similar to LILO and GNU GRUB.[5] Yaboot uses the following steps to boot:[3]

  1. Yaboot is invoked by Open Firmware
  2. Finds a boot device, boot path and opens boot partition
  3. Opens /etc/yaboot.conf or a command shell
  4. Loads image or kernel and initrd
  5. Executes image

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