Yan Qingyu
Yan Qingyu at 2017 MIFF.
Yan Qing (阎青)

(1966-05-04) May 4, 1966 (age 55)
Alma materChina Social University
Years active1982–present
AgentTianhe Brothers Television and Film Investment Co., Ltd.
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese阎青

Yan Qingyu (Chinese: 阎青妤; born 4 May 1966) is a Chinese actress best known for her roles in Divorce Contract (1990), Keeping Moon at Heart (2000), The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003) and The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013).

Early life and education

Yan was born in Xicheng District, Beijing, on May 4, 1966, to a military family, while her ancestral home in Shandong. She was raised in Sichuan.[1] She graduated from the China Social University.

Acting career

Yan began her career with guest roles in two historical films, including Reign Behind a Curtain (1982) and The Burning of Imperial Palace (1982).[2]

In 1986, she appeared as Xue Baochan in Wang Fulin's Dream of the Red Chamber, adapted from Cao Xueqin's classical novel of the same title, the series was one of the most watched ones in mainland China in that year. .[2]

Yan portrayed Concubine Hui in The Empress Dowager (1988), which was set to premiere in 1988. In the following year, she was cast as Sun Lanxiang in Ordinary World, based on the novel by the same name by Lu Yao.

In 1991, she played the role of Yue Rong, a singer, in the film Divorce Contract, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 14th Hundred Flowers Awards.

In 1998, Yan played a supporting role in the wuxia television series The Return of the Condor Heroes, starring Richie Ren and Jacklyn Wu and directed by Young Pei-pei. The TV drama is an adaptation based on the novel of the same name by Hong Kong novelist Jin Yong.[3] In the following year, she had a supporting role in The Legendary Siblings, based on the novel by the same name by Taiwanese novelist Gu Long.

In 2001, she earned a Best Supporting Actress at the 24th Hundred Flowers Awards for her performance as Zhao Yuelan in Keeping Moon at Heart.[1]

Yan had a supporting role in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2003), a wuxia television series starring Alec Su, Alyssa Chia and Gao Yuanyuan. The Television series adaptation based on the novel of the same name by Jin Yong.[4]

In 2010, she appeared in Pepper and Pickles, a romantic comedy television series starring Xie Na and Kang Ta.[5]

Yan was cast in the historical comedy The Smart Kongkong, playing the wife of Pan Changjiang's character.[6]

In 2014, she had key supporting role in The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same title.[7]

Yan participated in Le Coup de Foudre, a web series based on the novel I Don't Like This World, I Only Like You by Qiao Yi.



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1982 Reign Behind a Curtain 垂帘听政 Shuang Xi
The Burning of Imperial Palace 火烧圆明园 Shuang Xi
1985 未完成的处女作 Lin Ying
1986 Zhen Zhen's Hair Salon 珍珍的发屋 Miao Miao
1988 The Empress Dowager 一代妖后 Concubine Hui
Desperate Songstress 疯狂歌女 Xiao He
AIDS Patient 艾滋病患者 Ji Yin
1990 Wolf and Angel 恶狼与天使 Lin Anqi
Divorce Contract 离婚合同 Yue Rong
1991 Police Heroes 警界英雄 Ge Shan
Weekend Love Corner 周末恋爱角 Bailingniao
Topsky 远行者 Dan Ling
1992 Kiss of Poison 毒吻 Lin Nan
1993 Legend of the Emperor Yan 炎帝传奇 Witch
2000 Keeping Moon at Heart 留住心中的月亮 Zhao Yuelan
2001 Hot Soil in Spring 春天的热土 Sister Ju
2006 况钟传奇之明月几时
2007 天生神探之数码秘密 Aunt Wu
2009 Pear Blossoms 梨树花开 Li Hua
2013 The Tail of Childhood 童年的尾巴 Mother Du


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1984 家里的人 Sister Qi
Rainbow He Ying
1986 Dream of the Red Chamber 红楼梦 Xue Baochan
Personal Emotions 个人情感 Lu Ling
The Bending Niangniang River 弯弯的娘娘河 Xiu Xiu
北飞行动 Liu Qiongqiong
1987 The Mystery of the Deep Mind 心灵深处的奥秘 Ling Ling
The Story of Love 爱的故事 Xiao Huang
Mother 妈妈 Li Juan
1988 Red Cross under the Army 军旗下的红十字 Xiao Xue
Songs in the Ruins 废墟中的歌 Xiao Fang
香港豪门风流 Han Xiao
1989 The Impulse of Youth 青春的冲动 Announcer
Ordinary World 平凡的世界 Sun Lanxiang
Blue Vortex 蓝色的漩涡 Ye Zi
津浦路大劫案 Hei Ni
The Gold Secret Channel 黄金秘密通道 Lin Hai
No.3 Female Prison 三号女监房 Lu Ya
1990 猎杀圈 Zheng Jianhong
Police Officer 片儿警 Mao Mao
1991 The Editorial Stories 编辑部的故事 Miss Sun
1992 Hippocampus Song and Dance Hall 海马歌舞厅 Guest
Jasmine Magnolia 皎皎白玉兰 Xia Ye
The Shirt with Pearls 珍珠衫
1994 The District 特区刑警
Beauty Salon 美容院 Zhao Shan
1995 This Present Life 今生今世 Shen Ruhua
学车记 Liu Shuang
1996 Sun Tzu's Art of War 孙子兵法 Xiao Die
东南西北中发白 Meng Yi
1997 火烧阿房宫 Jizi
东方风云 Huang Biyun
snuff bottle 烟壶 Su San
1998 逃之恋 Wu Qiuhong
The Return of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 Qiu Qianchi
Spring Festival 在外过年
Two Tolerances in Suzhou 苏州二公差 Hua Feng
1999 The Legendary Siblings 绝代双骄 An Ku
2000 Women Soldiers on the 38th Front 三八线上的女兵 Sun Nana
2001 The Red and Black 红与黑 Cai Yawen
2002 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 Grandma Jinhua
The Winter Solstice 冬至 Liao Xiaoqiong
2003 Do Not Abandon This Life 不弃今生 Yu Youyun
2004 Blood-dripping Rhododendron 滴血杜鹃 Miss Yue
2005 Golden Vase 金瓶少女 Wang Sanqiao
Girls' Diary 女生日记 Mother Wu
Beautiful Women Also Worry About Marriage 美女也愁嫁 Lin Haiyun
Paris Love Song 巴黎恋歌 Wang Qian
2006 Home and Everything Happy 家和万事兴之抬头见喜 Qin Wanfang
2007 Strangers When We Meet 相逢何必曾相识 Yang Laidi
A Gentleman's Good Mate 君子好逑 Mrs. Sha
2009 Registered Residence 户口 Aunt
Born in 1949 生于1949 Shen Zhujun
2010 Daddy Don't Leave 爸爸别走 Zhao Yinhua
Pepper and Pickles 辣椒与泡菜 Aunt
Snowy Sky Road 雪域天路 Fang Yuxia
The Enemy Approached the Walls 兵临城下 Anut Qin
Chinese Land 中国地 Tao Hua
2012 Different Town 异镇 Anut Wang
A Happy Life of My Mother-in-law 岳母的幸福生活 Du Mei
玫瑰炒肉丝 Wan Xiaorong
The Smart Kongkong 聪明的小空空 Wife of the Magistrate
2013 Warm Days 温暖的日子 Li Fengru
2014 The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部 Dao Baifeng
2015 Liu Bowen 神机妙算刘伯温 Zhao Dongni
2019 Le Coup de Foudre 我只喜欢你

Film and TV Awards

Year Nominated work Award Category Result Notes
1991 Divorce Contract 14th Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
2001 Keeping Moon at Heart 24th Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actress Won


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