Yandin Wind Farm
Construction beganJuly 2019
Commission dateMay 2021
Construction costAU$450 million[1]
Owner(s)RATCH-Australia (70%)
Alinta Energy (30%)
Wind farm
Rotor diameter150 metres
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Yandin Wind Farm is one of Western Australia's largest[a][3][4] wind power stations, located in Dandaragan, Western Australia.

Construction was completed in late October 2020. It comprises 51 turbines with hub heights of 105 metres (344 ft) to maximise performance in the site's specific wind conditions. The turbines are Vestas V150 variants with a 4.2 MW capacity, resulting in a total generation capacity of 214 MW.[5][6]

Commissioning began in July 2020 with increasing outputs being exported onto the South West Interconnected System as capacity (turbines) came online.[7] The wind farm opened in May 2021.[1]

Alinta Energy stated "the wind farm would power the equivalent of approximately 200,000 households across Western Australia each year."[3]


  1. ^ Collgar Wind Farm is the largest, with a maximum capacity of 218 MW, compared to Yandin's 211 MW.[2]


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