Yangon Region Hluttaw

2nd Yangon Region Hluttaw
Founded8 February 2016
Tin Maung Tun, NLD
since 8 February 2016
Deputy Speaker
Lin Naing Myint, NLD
since 8 February 2016
92 elected MPs
31 military appointees
Yangon Region Hluttaw (2015)
Political groups
  National League for Democracy (88)*

  Military (31)
  Union Solidarity and Development Party (3)

  Arakan National Party (1)*
Last election
8 November 2015
Meeting place
Yangon Region Parliament and Government Office.jpg

Region Hluttaw Meeting Hall
Pyay Road, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Includes one 'Ethnic Minister (Kayin)' from the NLD and one 'Ethnic Minister (Rakhine)' from the ANP.

Yangon Region Hluttaw (Burmese: ရန်ကုန်တိုင်းဒေသကြီးလွှတ်တော်) is the legislature of the Burmese region of Yangon Region. It is a unicameral body, consisting of 123 members, including 92 elected members and 31 military representatives.[1] As of February 2016, the Hluttaw was led by speaker Tin Maung Tun of the National League for Democracy (NLD).

The regional legislature convenes at the Yangon Region Hluttaw building on Pyay Road in Dagon Township. The building formerly housed the national parliament.[1]

In 2013, the Yangon Region Hluttaw adopted the 2013 Yangon City Municipal Law, which holds the Yangon City Development Committee and the Yangon city mayor accountable to the legislature, including its budgetary power.[1]

Following the general elections in 2015, the Yangon Region Hluttaw saw a sweep towards the National League for Democracy, winning all but four of the seat contested in the election.[2][3]

General Election results (Nov. 2015)

Party Seats +/–
National League for Democracy (NLD) 88 Increase88
Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) 3 Decrease72
Arakan National Party (ANP; also known as the 'Rakhine National Party' (RNP)) 1 Increase1
National Unity Party (NUP) 0 Decrease8
Democratic Party (DPM) 0 Decrease2
National Democratic Force (NDF) 0 Decrease2
New National Democracy Party (NNDP) 0 Decrease2
The 88 Generation Student Youths (Union of Myanmar) (88GSY) 0 Decrease1
Kayin People's Party (KPP) 0 Decrease1
Rakhine Nationals Progressive Party (RNPP) 0 Decrease1
Military appointed 31
Total 123

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