Yankee Girl
Yankee Girl (AC Comics version)
Publication information
PublisherDynamic Publications
Superior Publishers
AC Comics
First appearanceAs Kitty Kelly:
Punch Comics #1
As Lauren Mason:
Dynamic Comics #23 (Nov. 1947)
Created byLauren Mason:
Ralph Mayo (artist)
In-story information
Full nameKitty Kelly
Lauren Mason
SpeciesEnhanced human
Team affiliationsSentinels of Justice

Yankee Girl is the name of two superheroines each debuting during the 1930s and 1940s Golden Age of Comic Books. One was revived in the 1990s.[1]

Publication history

The first superheroine called Yankee Girl was Kitty Kelly, debuting in Dynamic Publications's Punch Comics #1 (cover-dated December 1941).[2]

The next Yankee Girl, Lauren Mason, appeared solely in Dynamic Comics #23 (Nov. 1947) by artist Ralph Mayo, from the Canadian firm Superior Publishers.[3] This story and another, whose original publication is unknown, appear in unauthorized reprints from I.W. Publishing / Super Comics in 1958 and 1964.[1]

An updated version of Lauren Mason re-appeared in AC Comics' FemForce #29 (1990), as one of dozens of characters in a 24-page story by writer Bill Black and penciler Rik Levins.[4] She went on to the single-issue Yankee Girl (Oct. 2003).[5] through 2008.[1]

Fictional character biography

Yankee Girl (Lauren Mason) from Dynamic Comics #23 (Nov. 1947). Art by Ralph Mayo

During World War II in England, the wizard Merlin bestowed superhuman powers to young socialite Lauren Mason (while she was performing at the USO) so he can give everyone a champion for aiding the Allied Forces.[6] In her first, but only Golden Age appearance, Yankee Girl caught two murderers who are trying to kill people with poisoned cats.[7]

Yankee Girl and several other 1940s superheroes volunteered to enter suspended animated sleep at a classified vault so they can be summoned again when the world needs them. During the "Shroud Wars" storyline of Femforce, these heroes were awakened and initially referred to as the "Vault Champions".

Yankee Girl is still essentially a young woman who grew up in the 1930s-40s and is depicted as being relatively naive, thus regarding the modern world and how society has changed. In numerous Femforce issues, she is also served as a spokesmodel for "Dunkies", a popular snack cake, along with Span-X, a fabric tailored for superheroes, with humorous results.

Powers and abilities

By uttering the words "Yankee Doodle Dandy!", the 1940s Lauren Mason transforms herself into Yankee Girl with immense strength, resistance to injury, and hypersonic flight.[6] She can even stay in her superheroic form for indefinite periods of time and is a skilled unarmed combatant.

In the 1990s, her magic words are Karma Madre Tolon. This instantly changes Mason's clothing into her heroic costume and grants superpowers onto herself. In this form, Yankee Girl has abilities similar to her 1940s counterpart, except she is capable of surviving in outer space unprotected.[8]


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