CourseMain course
Place of originIsrael, Jewish diaspora
Region or stateJewish diaspora
Created byHungarian Jews, Polish Jews
Serving temperatureWarm
Main ingredientsPotatoes, onions, flanken, brisket

Yapchik is a potato-based Ashkenazi Jewish meat dish similar to both cholent and kugel, and of Hungarian Jewish and Polish Jewish origin.[1] It is considered a comfort food, and yapchik has increased in popularity over the past decade, especially among members of the Orthodox Jewish community in North America.[2]


Yapchik, somewhat similar to a cholent, consists of a layer of meat, typically beef flanken or brisket that has been enveloped between two layers of a mixture similar to a potato kugel, containing shredded potatoes and onions, along with beaten eggs, spices, and matzo meal, and then left to slow-cook for many hours and often overnight. It is a popular dish for Shabbat and many other Jewish holidays.[3][4][1]

Other variations

As it is a "heimish" or homestyle dish, there are many variations of yapchik including those made with red potatoes, zucchini, or pulled beef.[5]

In popular culture

A restaurant in the predominantly Jewish city of Lakewood, New Jersey, is named after the dish.[6]


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