Ying River
ShayingRiver Zhoukou.jpg
The Shaying River at Zhoukou
Native name颍河  (Chinese)
Physical characteristics
MouthHuai River (淮河)
 • location
Zhengyang County, Henan, China
Length557 km (346 mi)[1]

The Ying River (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Yǐng Hé) is the largest tributary of the Huai River with its origin in Henan Province, People's Republic of China.[2] From Zhoukou City in Henan the river flows through Fuyang City in Anhui Province then empties into the Huai River at Zhengyang.[3]

Seriously polluted along its entire length, in 2007 the Ying River's water quality was rated as below Grade 5 by the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency.[4]


The Sha River (沙河) is the largest tributary and from the confluence onward, the Ying River is often referred to as the Shaying River (沙颍河).[3]

The Shaying river at Fuyang, Anhui province.
The Shaying river at Fuyang, Anhui province.

The main tributaries on the Ying river with a drainage area of more than 1,000 square kilometers (listed from upstream to downstream) are as follows:[5][circular reference]

North bank South bank
Jialu River (贾鲁河) Sha River (沙河)
Xin Canal (新运河) Quan River (泉河)
Xin Cai River (新蔡河)
Ci River (茨河)

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