Yongcheng is located in Henan
Location in Henan
Coordinates: 33°55′48″N 116°27′00″E / 33.9299°N 116.4500°E / 33.9299; 116.4500Coordinates: 33°55′48″N 116°27′00″E / 33.9299°N 116.4500°E / 33.9299; 116.4500
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityShangqiu
 • Total2,068 km2 (798 sq mi)
 • Total1,241,500
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0370

Yongcheng (Chinese: 永城; pinyin: Yǒngchéng) is county-level city in Henan province, China, and is the easternmost county-level division of the province, bordering Anhui province on all sides except the northwest and due north. Yongcheng has significant coal deposits and some insignificant magnet deposits. In 2014, Yongcheng was upgraded to a provincially directly administered city.

It is the former site of Shiyuan (柿园), the capital of Han-era Liang. It includes the excavated mausoleum of the fabulously wealthy Liu Wu, prince of Liang, now a museum (柿园汉墓) famed for its murals.


Yongcheng is located in the Huai River Basin, in the easternmost part of Henan Province, with an average elevation of 33 meters. The Tuo hui River passes through the northern part of the western urban area and the southern part of the eastern urban area. The Mang Mountain is located in the northern Mangshan Town. The China National Highway 311 runs through the east and west, and the S32 Yongcheng–Dengfeng Expressway runs through the south.

Administrative divisions

As 2012, this city is divided to 11 towns and 18 townships.[3]

  • Yanji (演集镇)
  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Mangshan (芒山镇)
  • Gaozhuang (高庄镇)
  • Zancheng (酂城镇)
  • Peiqiao (裴桥镇)
  • Maqiao (马桥镇)
  • Xuehu (薛湖镇)
  • Jiangkou (蒋口镇)
  • Chenji (陈集镇)
  • Shibali (十八里镇)
  • Chengxiang Township (城厢乡)
  • Houling Township (候岭乡)
  • Huangkou Township (黄口乡)
  • Xinqiao Township (新桥乡)
  • Shuangqiao Township (双桥乡)
  • Wangji Township (王集乡)
  • Lizhai Township (李寨乡)
  • Wolong Township (卧龙乡)
  • Longgang Township (龙岗乡)
  • Mamu Township (马牧乡)
  • Zanyang Township (酂阳乡)
  • Taiqiu Township (太丘乡)
  • Shunhe Township (顺和乡)
  • Tiaohe Township (条河乡)
  • Liuhe Township (刘河乡)
  • Chenguanzhuang Township (陈官庄乡)
  • Miaoqiao Township (苗桥乡)
  • Huicun Township (茴村乡)


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