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Yuanshi County
Yuanshi skyline
Yuanshi skyline
Yuanshi County is located in Hebei
Yuanshi County
Yuanshi County
Location in Hebei
Coordinates: 37°46′00″N 114°31′32″E / 37.7667°N 114.5256°E / 37.7667; 114.5256Coordinates: 37°46′00″N 114°31′32″E / 37.7667°N 114.5256°E / 37.7667; 114.5256
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityShijiazhuang
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

Yuanshi County (simplified Chinese: 元氏县; traditional Chinese: 元氏縣; pinyin: Yuánshì Xiàn; lit. 'Yuan's County') is located in the southwest of Hebei Province, North China, 40 kilometres (25 mi) to the south of Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital. Yuanshi County borders Gaoyi County to the south, Zhao County and Luancheng District to the east, Jingxing County to the west and Luquan District to its north.

The total area of the county is 68 km2 (26 sq mi). The region is dominated by hills and valleys, with flat plains at the base of the Taihang Mountains. The area has a semi-arid climate, marked by continental monsoons and droughts during the Spring.[1]

Yuanshi became a county during the Han Dynasty and is the birthplace of Emperor Ming of Han, Li Mu and Li Zuoche.

Yuanshi was the site of the Hebei tractor rampage.[2]

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