The Yugoslav Olympic Committee (Croatian: Jugoslavenski olimpijski komitet; Serbian: Југословенски олимпијски комитет / Jugoslovenski olimpijski komitet; Slovene: Jugoslovanski оlimpijski кomite; Macedonian: Југословенски олимписки комитет, romanizedJugoslovenski olimpiski komitet) was the non-profit organization representing Yugoslav athletes in the International Olympic Committee. The YOC organized Yugoslavia's representatives at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

It was established in Zagreb in 1919 (recognized by the IOC in 1920) as Jugoslavenski olimpijski odbor, before moving to Belgrade in 1927, and it took the place of the Serbian Olympic Committee in the Association of National Olympic Committees. During the dissolution of Yugoslavia, several new committees were formed, while committee of newly formed Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (constituted by Serbia and Montenegro in 1992) kept the previous name, the Yugoslav Olympic Committee, until the change of the name of the country in 2003, from FRY to Serbia and Montenegro, when it changed to Olympic committee of Serbia and Montenegro.


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