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Zaffer Abad Noon
ظفر آباد نون
Zaffer Abad Noon is located in Pakistan
Zaffer Abad Noon
Zaffer Abad Noon
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861

Zaffer Abad Noon is a small village, situated in Bhalwal Tehsil near Ali Pur Noon, Majorit of population of this village is Awan family of Khushab. Malik Karam Bakhsh Awan, Ex-Member of National Assembly of Pakistan hails from this village