Zappa Records is an American record label based in Los Angeles that was founded by Frank Zappa in 1977. It was mostly inactive during the 1980s and 1990s, but was revived in 2006 by the Zappa Family Trust.


After leaving Warner Bros. Records, Zappa founded the label Zappa Records in 1977, and formed a deal with Phonogram Inc., which distributed the label's releases in the United States.[1][2] Its first release was the live album Sheik Yerbouti, followed by the dystopian rock opera Joe's Garage.[1]

L. Shankar's Touch Me There was released on Zappa Records in 1979.

In 1981, after Phonogram refused to release the single "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted", which criticized Jimmy Carter's reintroduction of the military draft,[1] Zappa founded Barking Pumpkin Records.

In 2006, the label was revived with the release of Dweezil Zappa's Go with What You Know and Frank Zappa's Imaginary Diseases and Trance-Fusion on Zappa Records, followed by The Dub Room Special (2007), One Shot Deal (2008) and Feeding the Monkies At Ma Maison (2011).

In 2012, the Zappa Family Trust regained control of Frank Zappa's recorded output and made a distribution deal with Universal Music Enterprises to reissue the recordings on the Zappa and Barking Pumpkin labels.[3][4]


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Artist Year(s) signed Albums released on Zappa Notes
Frank Zappa 6 Died December 4, 1993 (aged 52), due to prostate cancer.
L. Shankar 1979 1
Z 1979 1 Consisted of Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa. Previously released Shampoohorn on Barking Pumpkin Records.
Dweezil Zappa 2006 1


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