Regions with significant populations
Zargar, Qazvin, Iran
Zargari Romani, Persian, Azerbaijani
Shia Islam
Related ethnic groups
Muslim Romani people

The Zargari people are a Muslim Romani people ethnic group deriving from Zargar, Iran and neighboring villages. They speak the Zargari Romani a distinct dialect of the Balkan Romani, most closely related to those of Rumelia. Historical documentation of their origins is lacking, but one seemingly-accurate tradition traces their origins to three Kuyumcu (Goldsmith) brothers, (Persian: زرگر, zargar), who were migrated from Ottoman-held Rumelia, Maritsa Valley, today South Bulgaria to Ottoman Damascus from there invited to Shiraz as hostages during the reign of Nader Shah (1736-1747), and given pasture lands as a reward for their skills. As Romani, they were also exempted from taxation and military service.

Although the Zargari once consisted of several clans, most of these have dispersed and lost their native language. The residents of Zargar predominantly belong to the Pāshālār clan. The Religion is Shia Islam.