Zhalong Nature Preserve
zhālóng guójiā jízìránbǎohùqū
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Grus japonensis-Zhalong.jpg
Red-crowned cranes at the Zhalong Wetland
Map showing the location of Zhalong Nature Preserve
Map showing the location of Zhalong Nature Preserve
Location within Heilongjiang
LocationHeilongjiang, China
Nearest cityQiqihar
Coordinates47°05′17″N 124°19′12″E / 47.088°N 124.32°E / 47.088; 124.32[1]Coordinates: 47°05′17″N 124°19′12″E / 47.088°N 124.32°E / 47.088; 124.32[1]
Area2,100 km2 (810 sq mi)
Official nameZhalong
Designated31 March 1992
Reference no.549[2]

Zhalong Nature Preserve (simplified Chinese: 扎龙国家级自然保护区; traditional Chinese: 扎龍國家級自然保護區; pinyin: zhālóng guójiā jízìránbǎohùqū) is a wetland reserve in Heilongjiang province, China.[3]

Zhalong Nature Reserve entrance
Zhalong Nature Reserve entrance


Established in 1979, the 2,100 km2 (810 sq mi) marshland is a major migratory route for birds from the Arctic migrating to South East Asia and is one of the few breeding grounds in the far east for the marsh grassbird (Megalurus pryeri). The area is one of freshwater marshes, streams and ponds. Its ponds and reeds make it an ideal home for over 300 different species of birds. It is protected by the Chinese government. Within the park, a large flock of red-crowned cranes is held in captivity for conservation purposes. The reserve is listed as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance (no. 549).[2]

Migratory birds

This marsh reserve serves as a stopover and nesting area for a large number of storks, swans, herons, grebes and other species.[3] Lying on a migration path stretching from the Russian Arctic around the Gobi desert to South East Asia the land under this preserve is used by migrating birds between April and October.[3]


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