GenreHistorical fiction
Written byYu Zheng
Directed byLi Dachao
Liu Zhenming
Ren Haiyao
Zhu Lihe
StarringZhang Zhehan
Wu Jinyan
Bao Jianfeng
Gillian Chung
Wu Jiayi
Bai Lu
He Fengtian
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes50
Executive producerYu Zheng
Production locationsHengdian World Studios, Xinjiang, Kyoto
Production companiesHuanyu Film
Cathay Media
Mango TV
Media Asia Film
Original networkiQiyi
First shown inChina

Zhaoge (Chinese: 夢回朝歌; pinyin: Mèng Huí Zháogē) is an upcoming Chinese television series written and produced by Yu Zheng; starring Zhang Zhehan and Wu Jinyan. The series is set in the later years of Shang dynasty, and revolves around Ji Fa's life as a hostage in Zhaoge and his journey to become a legendary ruler. It involves fantasy elements originating from the 16th-century novel Investiture of the Gods.


During the Shang dynasty, the capital of China was moved to Zhaoge in the hopes that the city would grow prosperous. However, by the reign of King Zhou of Shang, the livelihood of the people was driven into a desperate state due to warfare. Thankfully, the son of King Zhou of Shang, also had the son of King Wen of Zhou, Ji Kao, in his hands. Ji Kao was on good terms with the son of King Zhou, Yin Jiao, who wished to save the people from their plight. Ji Kao eventually set up and degraded to the status of a slave but was saved by Yin Jiao. While fleeing, Ji Kao met Jiang Ziya, Nezha, and Yang Jian who assisted him.

Years later, Ji Kao had changed names to Ji Fa and led eight hundred feudal princes to suppress King Zhou, leading to the destruction of the Shang dynasty. Yin Jiao turned on Ji Fa, who he accused of leading his mother to her death. This eventually led to Yin Jiao’s suicide. Ji Fa eventually ascended and became King Wu of Zhou, remembering to keep in mind his shared dream with Yin Jiao to lift the people towards a better future.


Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Zhehan[1] Ji Fa Prince of Xiqi State. Second son of King Wen of Zhou and Tai Si. Later the King Wu of Zhou.
He was held as a hostage in Zhaoge. Possessing great magnanimity and lofty ambitions, he later becomes a great ruler. Daji is his one true love.
Wu Jinyan[2] Daji / Yue Hao / Youji Daughter of Su Hu. Reincarnation of a fox demon.
A woman who possesses great beauty, innocence and kindness. Her first and one true love is Ji Fa. However after she becomes possessed by her previous reincarnation, her temperament undergoes a huge change and she became cunning and manipulative. She enters the palace and quickly ascends to power as the favorite consort of Di Xin.
Bao Jianfeng[3] Di Xin Last Emperor of the Shang dynasty.
A well-versed man with outstanding abilities, he played a huge part in expanding the territory of Shang. However, he later falls prey to seduction, and becomes an incapable ruler. Daji is his favorite consort and he would do anything for her.
Gillian Chung[4] He Sang Queen of Yu tribe.
She values both power and love equally. She loves Wu Geng deeply.
Merxat[5] Wu Geng Son of Di Xin.
A talented young prince who is trapped with between his political opponents and the suspicions of his father. He wants to become the Emperor not for power, but to protect his one true love, Yi Jiang. Later being unable to stand the oppression, he begins taking revenge on the people who wronged him.
Wu Jiayi[4] Yi Jiang Daughter of Jiang Ziya, later the Empress of Zhou (Ji Fa's wife).
In order to become a skilled physician, she sneaks into the palace to seek education. There, she befriends both Ji Fa and Wu Geng, and falls in love with Ji Fa.
Bai Lu Deng Chanyu A noble lady of birth. Tu Xingsun's wife.
He Fengtian[6] Shen Gongbao Advisor of Shang Dyansty. Jiang Ziya's junior fellow apprentice.
Despite appearing on good terms with Jiang Ziya, he secretly harbors a grudge toward him due to frequent comparisons between the two. Later, due to Daji's incitement, he turned against Jiang Ziya and Ji Fa.
Lian Lian Consort Chen Consort of Di Xin. Huang Feihu's younger sister.
She loves her husband deeply, and becomes immensely jealous of Daji.
Lin Youwei Jiang Ziya A noble man who helped Ji Fa overthrow the Shang dynasty and build a new dynasty.
Chen Shu[7] Nüwa A goddess in ancient Chinese mythology, who punishes Di Xin for his wrongdoings.
Liu Min[8] Chao Xi Queen Zhou of Shang. Di Xin's wife.
Li Yitong Hu Xian'er Previous reincarnation of Daji. A fox spirit from the Xuanyuan graves.
Jiang Yiyi Ling'er
Puff Kuo Yan Jiu
Hai Lu Yun Jin
Zheng Guolin Ji Chang Ji Fa's father.
Shiyue Anxi Nezha Son of Li Jing. A protector deity.
Wang Maolei Li Jing Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li. Father of Nezha.
Bai Yu Professor Li
Sun Shaolong[9] Tu Xingsun
Xu Kai[10] Yang Jian Jiang Ziya's capable right-hand-man. The strongest general of Xiqi State.
Nan Fulong Huang Feihu A general of Shang Dynasty.
Hong Yao Yun Teng
Wang Yizhe Leizhenzi Godson of Ji Chang.
Deng Sha Ma Yingshuang
Wen Zhengrong Madame Si
Chen Xiuli Pianpian
Gao Yu'er Heyin
Zhang Nan Dragon Lady
Zhao Yiqin Dragon Prince
Liu Zhiyang Grandmaster of Heaven Leader of Jie Taoism sect.
Zhang Jianing Qimeng
He Hongshan Host
Liu Enshang A'bao
Yang Caiying Aunt
Liu Qiwei Wizard
Yang Yulan Yan Jiu's grandmother


Shooting began on September 13, 2016 in Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.[11][12] The series wrapped up filming on February 7, 2017 at Hengdian.[13] The series reportedly took 300 million yen to produce, with six months of filming and eight months of pre-production.[14]

The series is written and produced by Yu Zheng, who also works as the art director. Directors Liu Zhenming and Ren Haiyao previously worked with Yu in the web series Demon Girl. Lun Pengbo who worked on Mojin: The Lost Legend acts as the visual effects director, and He Jian of The Glory of Tang Dynasty was appointed the costumes designer.[15] Yu Zheng also engaged history professors, host of Lecture Room and archaeology professors to ensure that the television series is as accurate to real-life history as possible.[16]


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