Zhonglou is located in Jiangsu
Location in Jiangsu
Coordinates: 31°47′41″N 119°54′32″E / 31.7948°N 119.9090°E / 31.7948; 119.9090Coordinates: 31°47′41″N 119°54′32″E / 31.7948°N 119.9090°E / 31.7948; 119.9090
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityChangzhou
 • Total133 km2 (51 sq mi)
 • Total617,000
 • Density4,600/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code

Zhonglou District (simplified Chinese: 钟楼区; traditional Chinese: 鐘樓區; pinyin: Zhōnglóu Qū; lit. 'clocktower') is one of five districts under the jurisdiction of Changzhou in Jiangsu province of the People's Republic of China. The local language is the Changzhou dialect of Wu Chinese. The postal code for the district is 213002. Zhonglou covers an area of 71 square kilometers. In 2001 the total population was recorded at 320,000 people.

It is also the location of the Nan Da Jie shopping mall (Chinese: 南大街; pinyin: Nán Dà Jiē; lit. 'South Avenue'), one of the unofficial centers of the city. Nan Da Jie is home to many restaurants and chain stores as well as a number of educational companies and apartment complexes.

The district takes its name from a large belfry that once stood in the area.[1]

Administrative divisions

In the present, Zhonglou District has 7 subdistricts.[2]

7 subdistricts
  • Wuxing (五星街道)
  • Yonghong (永红街道)
  • Beigang (北港街道)
  • Xilin (西林街道)
  • Hehuachi (荷花池街道)
  • Nandajie (南大街街道)
  • Xinzha (新闸街道)


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