Zomet Institute
FounderRabbi Yisrael Rozen
FocusHalakha, Technology, Medicine
Area served
MethodResearch & development of halachicly compliant technology.

The Zomet Institute (Hebrew: מכון צומת, Makhon Tzomet, Tzomet being an acronym for Tzevtei Mada veTorah (Hebrew: צוותי מדע ותורה), lit. Teams of Science and Torah) is an Israeli high-tech non-profit organization specializing in IT equipment and electronic appliances designed to meet Halakha.

The company

The Zomet Institute was established in Alon Shvut by Yisrael Rosen (1941-2017), who also founded and headed the Administration of Conversion to Judaism of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.[1] Later, he served as a Dayan - Rabbinic Judge on the Beit Din for Conversion.[2]

The company has developed solutions for operating electrical appliances on the Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. Appliances made by the institute are used in Jewish observant homes,[3][4] as well as in public organizations such as hospitals,[5] the Israel Police[6] and the Israel Defense Forces.[7][8]

Although the Zomet Institute is affiliated with Modern Orthodox Judaism,[9] Rozen often consults other rabbis and his halachic rulings have received endorsements from authorities including the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach[10][11] and Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth.[12]

See also

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