Zuljanah Satellite Launch Vehicle
Zuljanah Satellite Launch Vehicle
ManufacturerMinistry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran)
Country of origin Iran[1][2][3][4]
Height25.5 meters
Diameter1.5 meters
Mass52 tons
Stages3 (1st & 2nd Solid; 3rd Liquid)
Payload to low Earth orbit
Mass220 kg (490 lb)
Launch history
StatusUnder Development
Launch sitesSemnan Space Center
Total launches0 (+2 suborbital)
Success(es)0 (+2 suborbital)
First stage
Powered by1 × unnamed solid fuel engine
Maximum thrust725 kN (163,000 lbf)
Second stage
Powered by1 × unnamed solid fuel engine
Maximum thrust725 kN (163,000 lbf)
Third stage
Powered by2 × R-27 Zyb vernier engines
Maximum thrust35 kN (7,900 lbf)
PropellantN2O4 / UDMH

Zuljanah (Persian: ماهواره‌بر ذوالجناح), also spelled Zoljanah (and with a host of other spellings appearing sporadically), is an Iranian Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV),[5][6][7] made by the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (Iran), which was unveiled on 1 February 2021, and was launched (at an unknown time before 1 February 2021, possibly 31 January 2021) into sub-orbital flight (apogee 500km) for testing and telemetry purposes.[8][9][10] Zuljanah is able to carry satellites weighing up to 220kg into an orbit 500 kilometers above the Earth.[11][12][13]

According to Seyed Ahmad Husseini, the space spokesman of the Ministry of Defense: The Zuljanah SLV is part of a larger project called "Hazrat Fatemeh Al-Zahra" (Persian: حضرت فاطمه الزهراء). This SLV is considered to be the first indigenously designed and manufactured hybrid fuel satellite launch vehicle (solid/liquid fuel).[14][15][16] As of June 2022, two more test flights are planned.[17]


Zuljanah measures 25.5 meters (84ft) in length, and has a mass of 52 tons (115,000lbs). The first and second stages utilize an identical 1.5m diameter solid-fuel engine with 74 tons (725kN; 163,000lbf) of thrust and a Safir type 1.25m diameter liquid-fuel (UDMH /N2O4) engine with a thrust of 3.5 tons (35 kN; 7,800 lbf) as a third stage. Zuljanah is capable of carrying a single satellite weighing up to 220kg or a constellation of ten smaller 20kg cubesats to Low-Earth Orbit.[18][19][20][21]

Zuljanah is the third civilian Satellite Launch Vehicle made in Iran, after the Safir and Simorgh. It is road-mobile, requires very little fueling time, and can be launched by Transporter-Erector Launchers (TELs), raising alarms from US and EU European defense analysts about its possible covert nature as Iran's first IRBM.[22][23]

Launch History

Flight No. Date & Time (UTC) Payload Outcome Remarks
1 31 January 2021 Unknown; may be boilerplate Success First sub-orbital test flight
2 26 June 2022 Unknown Success Second sub-orbital test flight


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