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1987 NBA draft
General information
Date(s)June 22, 1987
LocationFelt Forum (New York City, New York)
Network(s)TBS Superstation
161 total selections in 7 rounds
First selectionDavid Robinson (San Antonio Spurs)
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1988 →

The 1987 NBA draft was held on June 22, 1987, in New York City.

This draft included two future members of the NBA 50 Greatest Players list, David Robinson and Scottie Pippen, as well as fellow Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, who was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. Other notable selections include Kevin Johnson, Kenny Smith, Horace Grant, Reggie Lewis, Muggsy Bogues, Mark Jackson, and Šarūnas Marčiulionis. Also in this draft, former Florida Gators men's basketball head coach Billy Donovan (drafted 68th by the Utah Jazz), who led that program to NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championships in 2006 and in 2007.

David Robinson did not join the NBA until the 1989–90 season due to his service commitment with the United States Navy. This was the last NBA draft to go over three rounds, as it was reduced to exactly three next year and later to two since 1989.

Draft selections

PG Point guard SG Shooting guard SF Small forward PF Power forward C Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game and All-NBA Team
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
x Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-NBA Team
# Denotes player who has never appeared in an NBA regular season or playoff game
David Robinson, the 1st pick
Scottie Pippen, the 5th pick
Kenny Smith, the 6th pick
Kevin Johnson, the 7th pick
Horace Grant, the 10th pick
Reggie Miller, the 11th pick
Muggsy Bogues, the 12th pick
Mark Jackson, the 18th pick
Steve Alford, the 26th pick
Billy Donovan, the 68th pick
Round Pick Player Position Nationality[n 1] Team School/club team
1 1 David Robinson^ C  United States San Antonio Spurs Navy (Sr.)
1 2 Armen Gilliam PF  United States Phoenix Suns UNLV (Sr.)
1 3 Dennis Hopson SF  United States New Jersey Nets Ohio State (Sr.)
1 4 Reggie Williams SF  United States Los Angeles Clippers Georgetown (Sr.)
1 5 Scottie Pippen^ SF  United States Seattle SuperSonics (from New York, traded to Chicago for Olden Polynice) Central Arkansas (Sr.)
1 6 Kenny Smith PG  United States Sacramento Kings North Carolina (Sr.)
1 7 Kevin Johnson* PG  United States Cleveland Cavaliers California (Sr.)
1 8 Olden Polynice C  Haiti Chicago Bulls (from Denver via New York, traded to Seattle for Scottie Pippen) Hamby Rimini (Italy)
1 9 Derrick McKey SF/PF  United States Seattle SuperSonics Alabama (Jr.)
1 10 Horace Grant+ PF/C  United States Chicago Bulls Clemson (Sr.)
1 11 Reggie Miller^ SG  United States Indiana Pacers UCLA (Sr.)
1 12 Muggsy Bogues PG  United States Washington Bullets Wake Forest (Sr.)
1 13 Joe Wolf C  United States Los Angeles Clippers (from Houston) North Carolina (Sr.)
1 14 Tellis Frank PF  United States Golden State Warriors Western Kentucky (Sr.)
1 15 José Ortiz PF  Puerto Rico Utah Jazz Oregon State (Sr.)
1 16 Christian Welp C  West Germany Philadelphia 76ers Washington (Sr.)
1 17 Ronnie Murphy SG  United States Portland Trail Blazers Jacksonville (Sr.)
1 18 Mark Jackson+ PG  United States New York Knicks (from Milwaukee via Seattle) St. John's (Sr.)
1 19 Ken Norman SF  United States Los Angeles Clippers (from Detroit) Illinois (Sr.)
1 20 Jim Farmer SG  United States Dallas Mavericks Alabama (Sr.)
1 21 Dallas Comegys C  United States Atlanta Hawks DePaul (Sr.)
1 22 Reggie Lewis+ SG  United States Boston Celtics Northeastern (Sr.)
1 23 Greg "Cadillac" Anderson PF  United States San Antonio Spurs (from L.A. Lakers) Houston (Sr.)
2 24 Freddie Banks# SG  United States Detroit Pistons UNLV (Sr.)
2 25 Ron Moore C  United States New York Knicks West Virginia State (Sr.)
2 26 Steve Alford SG  United States Dallas Mavericks Indiana (Sr.)
2 27 Nate Blackwell PG  United States San Antonio Spurs Temple (Sr.)
2 28 Rickie Winslow SF  United States Chicago Bulls Houston (Sr.)
2 29 Lester Fonville# C  United States Portland Trail Blazers Jackson State (Sr.)
2 30 Nikita Wilson SF  United States Portland Trail Blazers LSU (Sr.)
2 31 Andre Moore PF  United States Denver Nuggets Loyola (IL) (Jr.)
2 32 Bob McCann SF  United States Milwaukee Bucks Morehead State (Sr.)
2 33 Tony White PG  United States Chicago Bulls Tennessee (Sr.)
2 34 Brian Rowsom PF  United States Indiana Pacers UNC Wilmington (Sr.)
2 35 Doug Lee SG  United States Houston Rockets Purdue (Sr.)
2 36 Duane Washington SG  United States Washington Bullets Middle Tennessee (Sr.)
2 37 Derrick Dowell# SF  United States Washington Bullets USC (Sr.)
2 38 Norris Coleman SF  United States Los Angeles Clippers Kansas State (So.)
2 39 Vincent Askew SG/SF  United States Philadelphia 76ers Memphis State (Jr.)
2 40 Winston Garland PG  United States Milwaukee Bucks Southwest Missouri State (Sr.)
2 41 Kannard Johnson SF  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Western Kentucky (Sr.)
2 42 Terrance Bailey# SG  United States Atlanta Hawks Wagner (Sr.)
2 43 Andrew Kennedy# F  Jamaica Philadelphia 76ers Virginia (Sr.)
2 44 Terry Coner# PG  United States Atlanta Hawks Alabama (Sr.)
2 45 Brad Lohaus PF/C  United States Boston Celtics Iowa (Sr.)
2 46 Bruce Dalrymple# G  United States Phoenix Suns Georgia Tech (Sr.)
3 47 Tim McCalister# G  United States Los Angeles Clippers Oklahoma (Sr.)
3 48 Jamie Waller SG  United States New Jersey Nets Virginia Union (Sr.)
3 49 Jerome Batiste# F  United States New York Knicks McNeese State (Sr.)
3 50 Phil Zevenbergen C  United States San Antonio Spurs Washington (Sr.)
3 51 Sven Meyer# C  Germany Sacramento Kings Oregon (Sr.)
3 52 Donald Royal SF  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Notre Dame (Sr.)
3 53 Winston Crite SF  United States Phoenix Suns Texas A&M (Sr.)
3 54 Tom Schafer# F  United States Denver Nuggets Iowa State (Sr.)
3 55 Tommy Amaker# G  United States Seattle SuperSonics Duke (Sr.)
3 56 John Fox# F  United States Chicago Bulls Millersville (Sr.)
3 57 Hansi Gnad# F  Germany Philadelphia 76ers Alaska Anchorage (Sr.)
3 58 Darryl Johnson PG  United States Golden State Warriors Michigan State (Sr.)
3 59 Danny Pearson# F  United States Washington Bullets Jacksonville (Sr.)
3 60 Sean Couch# F  United States Indiana Pacers Columbia (Sr.)
3 61 Clarence Martin# C  United States Utah Jazz Western Kentucky (Sr.)
3 62 Tim McCalister# F  United States Philadelphia 76ers Rutgers (Sr.)
3 63 Kevin Gamble SG  United States Portland Trail Blazers Iowa (Sr.)
3 64 J. J. Weber# F  United States Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin (Sr.)
3 65 Eric White PF  United States Detroit Pistons Pepperdine (Sr.)
3 66 Mike Richmond# C  United States Dallas Mavericks UTEP (Sr.)
3 67 Song Tao# F  China Atlanta Hawks China
3 68 Billy Donovan PG  United States Utah Jazz Providence (Sr.)
3 69 Willie Glass# F  United States Los Angeles Lakers St. John's (Sr.)
4 70 Tom Sheehey# C  United States Boston Celtics Virginia (Sr.)
4 71 Mike Morgan# C  United States New York Knicks Drake (Sr.)
4 72 Andrew Moten# G  United States New Jersey Nets Florida (Sr.)
4 73 Todd May# F  United States San Antonio Spurs Pikeville (Sr.)
4 74 Joe Arlauckas SF  United States Sacramento Kings Niagara (Sr.)
4 75 Chris Dudley C  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Yale (Sr.)
4 76 Steve Beck# G  United States Phoenix Suns Arizona State (Sr.)
4 77 David Boone# F  United States Denver Nuggets Marquette (Sr.)
4 78 Todd Linder# F  United States Seattle SuperSonics Tampa (Sr.)
4 79 Jack Haley C  United States Chicago Bulls UCLA (Sr.)
4 80 Carven Holcombe# G  United States Cleveland Cavaliers TCU (Sr.)
4 81 Scott Thompson# C  United States Washington Bullets San Diego (Sr.)
4 82 Joe Niego# F  United States Houston Rockets Lewis (Sr.)
4 83 Bennie Bolton# F  United States Golden State Warriors NC State (Sr.)
4 84 Reuben Holmes# C  United States Utah Jazz Alabama State (Sr.)
4 85 Brian Rahilly# F  United States Philadelphia 76ers Tulsa (Sr.)
4 86 Norwood Barber# G  United States Portland Trail Blazers Florida State (Sr.)
4 87 Darryl Bedford# C  United States Milwaukee Bucks Austin Peay (Sr.)
4 88 Dave Popson PF  United States Detroit Pistons North Carolina (Sr.)
4 89 David Johnson# F  United States Dallas Mavericks Oklahoma (Sr.)
4 90 Theofanis Christodoulou# C  Greece Atlanta Hawks Panionios (Greece)
4 91 Darryl Kennedy# F  United States Boston Celtics Oklahoma (Sr.)
4 92 Ralph Tally# G  United States Los Angeles Lakers Norfolk State (Sr.)
5 93 Chad Kessler# F  United States Los Angeles Clippers Georgia (Sr.)
4 94 James Blackmon Sr.# G  United States New Jersey Nets Kentucky (Sr.)
5 95 Glen Clem# F  United States New York Knicks Vanderbilt (Sr.)
5 96 Dennis Williams# G  United States San Antonio Spurs Georgia (Sr.)
5 97 Vernon Carr# G  United States Sacramento Kings Michigan State (Sr.)
5 98 Carl Lott# G  United States Cleveland Cavaliers TCU (Sr.)
5 99 Brent Counts# C  United States Phoenix Suns Pacific (Sr.)
5 100 Ronnie Grandison SF  United States Denver Nuggets New Orleans (Sr.)
5 101 Michael Tait# G  United States Seattle SuperSonics Clemson (Sr.)
5 102 Anthony Wilson# G  United States Chicago Bulls LSU (Sr.)
5 103 Mike Milling# F  United States Indiana Pacers Charlotte (Sr.)
5 104 Andre LaFleur# G  United States Houston Rockets Northeastern (Sr.)
5 105 Terry Williams# C  United States Golden State Warriors SMU (Sr.)
5 106 Patrick Fairs# G  United States Washington Bullets Texas (Sr.)
5 107 Bart Kofoed SG  United States Utah Jazz Nebraska–Kearney (Sr.)
5 108 Frank Ross# G  United States Philadelphia 76ers American (Sr.)
5 109 David Moss# F  United States Portland Trail Blazers Tulsa (Sr.)
5 110 Brian Vaughns# F  United States Milwaukee Bucks UC Santa Barbara (Sr.)
5 111 Gerry Wright# C  United States Detroit Pistons Iowa (Sr.)
5 112 Sam Hill# C  United States Dallas Mavericks Iowa State (Sr.)
5 113 José Antonio Montero# G  Spain Atlanta Hawks Joventut Badalona (Spain)
5 114 Dave Butler# F  United States Boston Celtics California (Sr.)
6 115 Kenny Travis# G  United States Los Angeles Lakers New Mexico State (Sr.)
6 116 Martin Nessley C  United States Los Angeles Clippers Duke (Sr.)
6 117 Howard Triche# G  United States New York Knicks Syracuse (Sr.)
6 118 Perry Bromwell# G  United States New Jersey Nets Penn (Sr.)
6 119 Ricky Brown# F  United States San Antonio Spurs Pensacola Tornados (CBA)
6 120 Daryl Thomas# F  United States Sacramento Kings Indiana (Sr.)
6 121 Harold Jensen# G  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Villanova (Sr.)
6 122 Marcel Boyce# F  United States Phoenix Suns Akron (Sr.)
6 123 Kelvin Scarborough# G  United States Denver Nuggets New Mexico (Sr.)
6 124 Tom Gneiting# C  United States Seattle SuperSonics BYU (Sr.)
6 125 Doug Altenberger# G  United States Chicago Bulls Illinois (Sr.)
6 126 Gary Graham# G  United States Indiana Pacers UNLV (Sr.)
6 127 Šarūnas Marčiulionis^ SG  Soviet Union Golden State Warriors Statyba Vilnius (Soviet Union)
6 128 Dwayne Scholten# C  United States Washington Bullets Washington State (Sr.)
6 129 Fred Jenkins# G  United States Houston Rockets Tennessee (Sr.)
6 130 Art Sabb# G  United States Utah Jazz Bloomfield (Sr.)
6 131 Tracy Foster# G  United States Philadelphia 76ers UAB (Sr.)
6 132 Bernard Jackson# G  United States Portland Trail Blazers Loyola Chicago (Sr.)
6 133 Gay Elmore# F  United States Milwaukee Bucks VMI (Sr.)
6 134 Antoine Joubert# F  United States Detroit Pistons Michigan (Sr.)
6 135 Quintan Gates# F  United States Dallas Mavericks UTEP (Sr.)
6 136 Riccardo Morandotti# F  Italy Atlanta Hawks Berloni Torino (Italy)
6 137 Tim Naegeli# F  United States Boston Celtics Wisconsin–Stevens Point (Sr.)
6 138 Frank Ford# G  United States Los Angeles Lakers Auburn (Sr.)
7 139 Henry Carr# C  United States Los Angeles Clippers Wichita State (Sr.)
7 140 Frank Booker# G  United States New Jersey Nets Bowling Green (Sr.)
7 141 Wayne Williams# G  United States New York Knicks Saint Joseph's (Sr.)
7 142 Raynard Davis# F  United States San Antonio Spurs Texas (Sr.)
7 143 Scott Adubato# G  United States Sacramento Kings Upsala (Sr.)
7 144 Michael Foster# G  United States Cleveland Cavaliers South Carolina (Sr.)
7 145 Roy Singleton# G  United States Phoenix Suns Grand Canyon (Sr.)
7 146 Rowan Gomes# F  Antigua and Barbuda Denver Nuggets Hampton (Sr.)
7 147 Mike Giomi# F  United States Seattle SuperSonics NC State (Sr.)
7 148 Ervin Leavy# G  United States Chicago Bulls Central Michigan (Sr.)
7 149 Montel Hatcher# G  United States Indiana Pacers UCLA (Sr.)
7 150 Jamie Dixon# G  United States Washington Bullets TCU (Sr.)
7 151 Clarence Grier# F  United States Houston Rockets Campbell (Sr.)
7 152 Ronnie Leggette# G  United States Golden State Warriors West Virginia State (Sr.)
7 153 Keith Webster# G  United States Utah Jazz Harvard (Sr.)
7 154 Eric Semisch# F  United States Philadelphia 76ers West Virginia (Sr.)
7 155 Kenny Stone# F  United States Portland Trail Blazers George Fox (Sr.)
7 156 Curtis Hunter# F  United States Denver Nuggets North Carolina (Sr.)
7 157 Mark Gottfried# G  United States Detroit Pistons Alabama (Sr.)
7 158 Gerald White# G  United States Dallas Mavericks Auburn (Sr.)
7 159 Franjo Arapović# C  Croatia Atlanta Hawks Cibona (Yugoslavia)
7 160 Gerry Corcoran# C  United States Boston Celtics Northeastern (Sr.)
7 161 Ron vanderSchaaf# F  Netherlands Los Angeles Lakers Central Washington (Sr.)
  1. ^ Nationality indicates the player's national team or representative nationality. If a player has not competed at the international level, then the nationality indicates the national team which the player is eligible to represent according to FIBA rules.

Notable undrafted players

These players were not selected in the draft but still appeared in at least one regular or postseason NBA game.

Player Position Nationality School/club team
Randy Allen F  United States Florida State (Sr.)
Sergei Bazarevich SG  Soviet Union CSKA Moscow (Soviet Union)
Scott Brooks PG  United States UC Irvine (Sr.)
Mike Champion PF  United States Gonzaga (Sr.)
Tom Copa C  United States Marquette (Sr.)
Radisav Ćurčić C  Yugoslavia Union Olimpija (Yugoslavia)
Andrew Gaze F  Australia Melbourne Tigers (Australia)
Cedric Hunter PG  United States Kansas (Sr.)
Mark Wade PG  United States UNLV (Sr.)
David Wood F  United States Nevada (Sr.)
A. J. Wynder PG  United States Fairfield (Sr.)

Early entrants

College underclassmen

The following college basketball players successfully applied for early draft entrance.[1]

Other eligible players

Player Team Note Ref.
United States Ricky Brown Pensacola Tornados (CBA) Left South Alabama in 1986; playing professionally since the 1986–87 season [2]
Haiti Olden Polynice Hamby Ramini (Italy) Left Virginia in 1986; playing professionally since the 1986–87 season [3]

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