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2004 France rugby union tour of North America
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Test match
02 02 00 00
 United States
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Tour chronology
Previous tourArgentina & New Zealand 2003
Next tourSouth Africa & Australia 2005

The 2004 France rugby union tour of North America was a series of matches played in July 2004 in Canada and in the United States by France national rugby union team.


3 July 2004
 United States 31–39  France
Try: Hercus, Mo'unga
Naivalu, Paga
van Zyl
Con: Hercus 3
Try: Barrau, de Villiers
Lievremont, Tabacco
Con: Peclier 4
Pen: Peclier 2
Dillon Stadium, Hartford
Attendance: 6000
Referee: Giulio De Sanits Italy

United States: 15.Francois Viljoen, 14.Jovesa Naivalu, 13.Paul Emerick, 12.Salesi Sika, 11.David Fee, 10.Mike Hercus, 9.Mose Timoteo, 8.Shaun Paga, 7.Tony Petruzzella, 6.Kort Schubert (capt.), 5.Matt Kane, 4.Dave Hodges, 3.Jacob Waasdorp, 2.Matt Wyatt, 1.Mike MacDonald, – replacements: 16.Mark Griffin, 17.Dan Dorsey, 18.Brian Surgener, 19.Tasi Mo'unga, 20.David Williams, 22.Riaan van ZylNo entry : 21.Kain Cross
France: 15.Clément Poitrenaud, 14.Aurelien Rougerie, 13.Ludovic Valbon, 12.Brian Liebenberg, 11.Cedric Heymans, 10.Alexandre Peclier, 9.Mathieu Barrau, 8.Thomas Lievremont, 7.Patrick Tabacco, 6.Yannick Nyanga Kabasele, 5.David Couzinet, 4.Fabien Pelous (capt.), 3.Pieter de Villiers, 2.William Servat, 1.Olivier Milloud, – replacements: 18.Romain Froment, 19.Pierre RabadanNo entry: 16.Dimitri Szarzewski, 17.David Attoub, 20.Ludovic Loustau, 21.Julien Peyrelongue

10 July 2004
 Canada 13–47  France
Try: Richmond
Con: Barker
Pen: Barker 2
Try: Goutta, Liebenberg
Lievremont, Poitrenaud
Con: Peclier 5
Pen: Peclier 3, Peyrelongue
York Stadium, Toronto
Attendance: 8000
Referee: D.Turner South Africa

Canada: 15.Quentin Fyffe, 14.Marco di Girolamo, 13.Ryan Smith, 12.John Cannon, 11.Stirling Richmond, 10.Jared Barker, 9.Morgan Williams, 8.Stan McKeen, 7.Mike Webb, 6.Phil Murphy, 5.Jamie Cudmore, 4.Colin Yukes, 3.Forrest Gainer, 2.Aaron Abrams, 1.Kevin Tkachuk (capt.), – replacements: 16.Mark Lawson, 17.Jon Thiel, 18.Mike Burak, 19.Jim Douglas, 20.Ed Fairhurst, 21.Mike Danskin, 22.Derek Daypuck
France: 15.Clément Poitrenaud, 14.Philippe Bidabe, 13.Tony Marsh, 12.Brian Liebenberg, 11.Aurelien Rougerie, 10.Alexandre Peclier, 9.Ludovic Loustau, 8.Thomas Lievremont, 7.Bernard Goutta, 6.Yannick Nyanga Kabasele, 5.Pascal Pape, 4.Fabien Pelous (capt.), 3.Pieter de Villiers, 2.William Servat, 1.Arnaud Martinez, – replacements: 16.Dimitri Szarzewski, 17.Olivier Milloud, 18.David Couzinet, 19.Pierre Rabadan, 20.Mathieu Barrau, 21.Julien Peyrelongue, 22.Cedric Heymans

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