3rd U-boat Flotilla
Uboat Flo03 logo.gif
ActiveRaised 1937, Dissolved 1944
Country Nazi Germany
Branch Kriegsmarine
TypeU-boat flotilla
Garrison/HQKiel, La Pallice
Nickname(s)Lohs Flotilla
Korvettenkapitän Hans-Rudolf Rösing
Kapitänleutnant Herbert Schultze
Korvettenkapitän Robert-Richard Zapp

The 3rd U-boat Flotilla (German 3. Unterseebootsflottille), also known as Lohs Flotilla, was the third operational U-boat unit in Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Founded on 4 October 1937 under the command of Kapitänleutnant Hans Eckermann,[1] it was named in honour of Oberleutnant zur See Johannes Lohs. Lohs, a U-boat commander during World War I, died on 14 August 1918 after his submarine UB-57 was sunk by a mine.[2]

The flotilla, under the name "Lohs Flotilla", was founded in Kiel in June 1937 and existed until December 1939. The flotilla was re-founded as "3rd Flotilla" in March 1941 with its base in Kiel. In October 1941 the flotilla was moved to La Pallice, La Rochelle in France. In August 1944 the last U-boats left the base for Norway and the flotilla was disbanded in October 1944.

Flotilla Commanders

Duration Rank Commander
October 1937 - December 1939 Kapitänleutnant Hans Eckermann[3]
March 1941 - July 1941 Korvettenkapitän Hans-Rudolf Rösing[4]
July 1941 - March 1942 Kapitänleutnant Herbert Schultze[5]
March 1942 - June 1942 Kapitänleutnant Heinz von Reiche i.V.[6]
June 1942 - October 1944 Korvettenkapitän Robert-Richard Zapp[7]

U-Boats of the Flotilla

U-8 U-10 U-12 U-14 U-16 U-18 U-20
U-22 U-24 U-82 U-85 U-132 U-134 U-138
U-141 U-143 U-146 U-147 U-205 U-206 U-212
U-231 U-241 U-242 U-245 U-246 U-257 U-258
U-259 U-262 U-275 U-280 U-289 U-332 U-333
U-334 U-341 U-343 U-344 U-352 U-373 U-375
U-376 U-378 U-384 U-391 U-398 U-402 U-423
U-431 U-432 U-433 U-444 U-451 U-452 U-458
U-466 U-468 U-469 U-476 U-478 U-483 U-484
U-553 U-567 U-568 U-569 U-570 U-571 U-572
U-573 U-596 U-600 U-611 U-613 U-615 U-619
U-620 U-625 U-630 U-635 U-645 U-652 U-657
U-661 U-671 U-677 U-701 U-706 U-712 U-719
U-734 U-752 U-753 U-760 U-763 U-952 U-953
U-957 U-960 U-970 U-971 U-975 U-978 U-992
U-993 UD-1 UD-3 UD-4


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