Academic Free License
AuthorLawrence E. Rosen
Latest version1.2, 2.1, 3.0
PublisherLawrence E. Rosen
SPDX identifierAFL-3.0
Debian FSG compatible?
FSF approvedYes[1]
OSI approvedYes[2]
GPL compatibleNo[1]
Linking from code with a different licenceYes Edit this on Wikidata

The Academic Free License (AFL) is a permissive free software license written in 2002 by Lawrence E. Rosen, a former general counsel of the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

The license grants similar rights to the BSD, MIT, UoI/NCSA and Apache licenses – licenses allowing the software to be made proprietary – but was written to correct perceived problems with those licenses, the AFL:

The Free Software Foundation consider all AFL versions up to and including 3.0 as incompatible with the GNU GPL.[1] though Eric S. Raymond (a co-founder of the OSI) contends that AFL 3.0 is GPL compatible.[3] In late 2002, an OSI working draft considered it a "best practice" license.[4] In mid-2006, however, the OSI's License Proliferation Committee found it "redundant with more popular licenses",[2] specifically version 2 of the Apache Software License.

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