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The following is a list of notable websites that list free software projects. These directories and repositories of free software differ from software hosting facilities (or software forges) in the number of features they offer and the type of collaboration they are designed to promote.

General directories

Name Description, focus
SourceForge largest directory, >500K projects
Apache Software Foundation Mostly Java
Free Software Directory
Open Hub (Formerly Ohloh) Open source libraries, frameworks and tools
ibiblio Open source software
List of free and open-source software packages
AlternativeTo General: can filter by license type "Open Source"

Programming language specific directories

Name Description, focus
Gambas Software Farm Gambas
JBoss Enterprise Java
LuaRocks Lua
Node Package Manager Node.js
Python Package Index Python
Hackage Haskell
Planet Racket
RubyGems Ruby

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