Anaxandridas I (Greek: Ἀναξανδρίδας) was a conjectured king of Sparta and a member of the Eurypontid dynasty. According to the Histories of Herodotus, Anaxandrias was the son of king Theopompus and the father of king Archidamus I.[1] If Anaxandridas actually existed, he would have reigned in the early to mid 7th century BC, but his historicity is doubtful.[2]

According to Pausanias, Anaxandridas I ascended the throne not as the direct successor of Theopompus but as the successor of Zeuxidamos, one of Theopompus' grandsons.[3][better source needed]

Anaxandridas' reign is said to have followed a period of strife between the Spartan royal houses and to have been characterised by a continuing decline of royal prestige and power, especially relative to the Ephors.[4][better source needed] It is possible that Anaxandridas was in power during the Messenian revolt that precipitated the Second Messenian War.[5][better source needed]


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