Archidamus V
Ἀρχίδαμος Ε΄
Eurypontid King of Lacedaemon
Reignc. 228 – c. 227 BC
PredecessorEudamidas III
Bornc. 260 BC
Diedc. 220 BC (aged c. 40)
FatherEudamidas II

Archidamus V (Ancient Greek: Ἀρχίδαμος Ε΄) was the 27th King of Sparta of the Eurypontid line, reigning during 228 and 227 BC.

He was the son of Eudamidas II and Agesistrata and through him the grandson of Archidamus IV, after whom he was named.[1]

After his brother Agis IV was murdered in 241 BC, he fled to Messenia. In 228 or 227 BC, he was ordered back to Sparta by King Cleomenes III of the Agiad line, who had no counterpart on the throne by then, after the death of Eudamidas III, the son of Agis IV. He was assassinated shortly afterwards. Polybius claims that he was killed by Cleomenes.[2]


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Preceded byEudamidas III Eurypontid King of Sparta c. 228 – c. 227 BC Succeeded byEucleidas