Flags of Arcigay on national Gay Pride 2004
Named after1982
FounderMarco Bisceglia
TypeGay rights
HeadquartersBologna, Italy
  • Bologna, Italy
Flavio Romani
Gabriele Piazzoni
Key people
Gabriele Piazzoni
Main organ
AffiliationsILGA, ILGA Europe, IGLYO, TGEU, ALDA, Aids Action Europe

Arcigay (Italian: Associazione LGBTI italiana) is Italy's first and largest national gay organisation.[1][2] The association was first founded as a local association in Palermo in 1980, then nationally established in Bologna in 1985.[1] The organisation became known throughout Italy for its campaign for civil unions. The President of Arcigay is Flavio Romani;[3] its honorary president, who helped found the organisation, is Franco Grillini.

Arcigay has often protested against the Vatican's opposition to homosexuality and LGBT rights.[2]


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Subsidiaries include Arcigay Valle d'Aosta, Arcigay Arezzo "Chimera Arcobaleno", Asti Love is Love, Arcigay Bari "L'arcobaleno del Levante", Arcigay Bat "Le Mine Vaganti", Arcigay Bergamo "Cives", Cassero LGBT Center, Arcigay Bolzano "Centaurus", Arcigay Brescia "Orlando", Arcigay Campania, Rain Arcigay Caserta, Arcigay Catania "Pegaso LGBT", Arcigay Fenice Catanzaro, arcigay Chieti - Sylvia Rivera, Eos Arcigay Cosenza, Arcigay Cremona "La Rocca", Arcigay "Granda Queer" Cuneo, Arcigay Ferrara, Arcigay Foggia "Le Bigotte", Approdo - Ostilia Mulas" Arcigay Genova, Arcigay Grosseto "Leonardo Da Vinci", M.I.A. Arcigay Imperia, Arcigay "Massimo Consoli" L'Aquila, Arcigay Ligea Lamezia Terme, SEIcomeSEI, Arcigay Salento "La Terra di Oz", Arcigay Livorno - L.E.D. Libertà e Diritti, Arcigay "La Salamandra" Mantova, Arcigay "Makwan" Messina, Centro d’Iniziativa Gay, Arcigay Modena "Matthew Shepard", Arcigay Molise "Lambda Identità Libere", Arcigay "Antinoo" Napoli, Arcigay "Tralaltro" Padova, Arcigay Palermo, Arcigay Pavia "Coming-Aut", Omphalos LGBTI, Arcigay Agorà, Orlando e Bruno, Mazi, Arcigay Piacenza Lambda, Pinkriot Arcigay Pisa, Arcigay Pistoia "La Fenice", Arcigay Basilicata "Marco Bisceglia", Arcigay Ragusa "Arcobaleno degli Iblei", Arcigay Ravenna "Dan Arevalos", Arcigay Reggio Calabria "I due mari", Arcigay Reggio Emilia "Gioconda", Arcigay Rimini "Alan Turing", Arcigay Roma Gruppo Ora, Divine Ostia, Arcigay Rovigo "Politropia", Arcigay "Marcella di Folco" Salerno, Arcigay Savona "APERTAMENTE", Movimento Pansessuale Arcigay Siena, Arcigay Siracusa, Strambopoli Arcigay Taranto, Taras Arcobaleno, Arcigay Teramo, Arcigay Torino "Ottavio Mai", Arcigay Vesuvio Rainbow, Arcigay Trento, Arcigay Arcobaleno Trieste Gorizia, Arcigay Friuli "Nuovi Passi", Arcigay Varese, Arcigay Nuovi Colori ONLUS, Arcigay Vercelli Rainbow Valsesia, Pianeta Milk - Verona Lgbt* Center, Lieviti, Arcigay Vicenza "15 Giugno".


The organisation is present over most of the country, with 52 local committees in:

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