TypeMilk brandy, distilled from kefir[1]
Country of origin Mongolia[citation needed]
Alcohol by volume Up 10%, depending on distillation cycle[1]
IngredientsFermented milk
VariantsAirag, kefir

Arkhi (Mongolian: Архи, ᠠᠷᠢᠬᠢ, lit. "alcohol," sometimes translated as vodka) is a liquor made from airag, fermented milk brandy, or isgelen tarag (Mongolian: исгэлэн тараг, ᠢᠰᠬᠦᠯᠡᠩ
, or kefir)[1] which then gets distilled. Isgelen tarag often uses the milk of a mare, donkeys, sheep, cows, the yak, camels[2] (specifically, khormog (ингэний хормог) or of reindeer, depending on local traditions or availability.[3] It holds special status in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, both as the prime spirit of choice among pastoral units[1] and served to esteemed guests.

It is often reserved for the family and never sold in Mongolia, slowly being replaced by vodka, also referred to as arkhi.[4]

In and around Inner Mongolia, it is more regularly produced and sold. Industrial production and bottling occurs in locations such as Chifeng.

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