Asiatic Society of Bangladesh
Formation1952; 72 years ago (1952)
  • Nimtali, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Coordinates23°43′27″N 90°24′09″E / 23.724076°N 90.402586°E / 23.724076; 90.402586
Sirajul Islam[1]

The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh is a non political and non profit research organisation registered under both Society Act of 1864 and NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.[2] The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh was established as the Asiatic Society of East Pakistan in Dhaka in 1952 by a number of Muslim leaders, and renamed in 1972. Ahmed Hasan Dani, a noted Muslim historian and archaeologist of Pakistan played an important role in founding this society. He was assisted by Muhammad Shahidullah, a Bengali linguist. The society is housed in Nimtali, walking distance from the Curzon Hall of Dhaka University, locality of Old Dhaka.[3]


Asiatic Society of Bangladesh traces its origins to The Asiatic Society, which was founded by Sir William Jones in 1784.[3] Some of scholars of the Asiatic Society moved to Dhaka, capital of East Bengal, after the Partition of India.[3] Ahmad Hasan Dani, professor of history at the University of Dhaka, proposed the idea of establishing a Asiatic Society in Dhaka which was widely appreciated by scholars in Dhaka.[3]

Asiatic Society of Pakistan was established on 3 January 1952 by Ahmad Hasan Dani, Abu Mohammed Habibullah, Abdul Halim, Abdul Hamid, Itrat Husain Zuberi, J. S. Turner, Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman Khan, Muhammad Shahidullah, Sayed Moazzem Hossain, Serajul Huq, Sheikh Sharafuddin, Syed Muhammed Taifoor, and W. H. A. Sadani.[3] The society modeled after The Asiatic Society in Kolkata is managed by a 17 member executive committee which has a two year term.[3]

In September 2013, the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh published a junior version of Banglapedia.[4]

The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh in November 2020 cancelled the grant of two professors at the University of Dhaka after it found evidence of plagiarism in their work.[5]


The Asiatic Society Heritage Museum is located in Old Dhaka.[6]


The society's publications include:[3]

List of presidents and general secretaries

President General secretary Term Reference
Abdul Hamid Ahmad Hasan Dani 1952-1953 [3]
Muhammad Shahidullah Serajul Huq 1954 [3]
Abdul Halim Serajul Huq 1955 [3]
Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmad Hasan Dani 1956 [3]
Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman Khan Ahmad Hasan Dani 1957-1958 [3]
Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman Khan M Saghir Hasan 1959 [3]
Abdul Halim Ahmad Hasan Dani 1960-1961 [3]
Muhammad Shahidullah Mafizullah Kabir 1962 [3]
Muhammad Shahidullah Syed Sajjad Hussain 1963-1964 [3]
Muhammad Enamul Haq Abdul Karim 1965 [3]
Muhammad Enamul Haq Mafizullah Kabir 1966 [3]
Muhammad Shahidullah Syed Murtaza Ali 1967 [3]
Abdul Maudud Abu Mohammed Habibullah 1968 [3]
Abu Mohammed Habibullah Ahmed Sharif 1969-1973 [3]
Syed Murtaza Ali Ajoy Kumar Roy 1974 [3]
Abu Mohammed Habibullah Ajoy Kumar Roy 1975 [3]
Kamruddin Ahmed Mohammad Moniruzzaman Miah 1976 [3]
Kamruddin Ahmed Momtazur Rahman Tarafdar 1977-1978 [3]
Serajul Huq Momtazur Rahman Tarafdar 1979 [3]
Muhammad Enamul Haq Momtazur Rahman Tarafdar 1980 [3]
Khan Bahadur Abdul Hakim Sirajul Islam 1981 [3]
Mafizullah Kabir Sirajul Islam 1982 [3]
A R Mallick K. M. Mohsin 1983 [3]
A R Mallick Mohammad Moniruzzaman 1984-1985 [3]
Abul Kalam Mohammed Zakaria Sirajul Islam 1986-1987 [3]
A. M. Sharafuddin Wakil Ahmed 1988-1989 [3]
A. M. Sharafuddin Syed Anwar Husain 1990-1991 [3]
AKM Nurul Islam Hasna Begum 1992-1993 [3]
Sirajul Islam Harun-or-Rashid 1994-1995 [3]
Wakil Ahmed Akmal Hussain 1996-1997 [3]
M Harunur Rashid Sajahan Miah 1998-1999 [3]
Abdul Momin Chowdhury Sajahan Miah 2000-2001 [3]
Abdul Momin Chowdhury Syed Rashidul Hasan 2002-2003 [3]
Emajuddin Ahamed S. M. Mahfuzur Rahman 2004-2005 [3]
Emajuddin Ahamed Sajahan Miah 2006-2007 [3]
Sirajul Islam Mahfuza Khanam 2008-2009 [3]
Sirajul Islam Mahfuza Khanam 2010-2011 [3]
Nazrul Islam Ahmed A. Jamal 2012-2013 [3]
Amirul Islam Chowdhury Ahmed A. Jamal 2012-2013 [3]
Amirul Islam Chowdhury Ahmed A. Jamal 2014-2015 [7][8]
Amirul Islam Chowdhury A. K. M. Golam Rabbani 2016-2017 [7][8]
Mahfuza Khanam Sabbir Ahmed 2018-2019 [7][8]
Mahfuza Khanam Sabbir Ahmed 2020-2021 [7][8]
Khondoker Bazlul Hoque Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Khan 2022-2023 [7][8]

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