An illustration of an axehandle hound

In American folklore, the axehandle hound (axhandle hound, ax-handle hound, or similar) is a "fearsome critter" of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The animal resembles a dog with a body axe-like in shape. It has a head shaped like an axe blade, hence the name, complemented by a handle-shaped body atop short stubby legs. It subsists on a diet consisting entirely on the handles of axes which have been left unattended.[1] A nocturnal[2] creature, the axehandle hound travels from camp to camp searching for its next meal.[3] In Minnesota, there is a canoe-access campground named Ax-Handle Hound after the folklore creature. It can be found on the Little Fork River near Voyageurs National Park and very near the town of Linden Grove.

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