The Fillamaloo, or Goofus bird

The Goofus bird is a mythical, backwards-flying bird, originating in lumberjack folklore[1] in North America.[2] It is also known variously as the Filla-ma-loo bird or the Flu-fly bird.[3]

The Goofus Bird flies backwards, as it does not care where it's going, only where it's been, and it builds its nest upside down.[4][5] It is described as having a conspicuous appearance, with a turkey-like head, long green neck, with silver scales, a black right wing and a pink left wing.[6]

A person likened to a Goofus Bird is a person low in intellectual curiosity and indifferent to their forward direction.[3] Goofus is a possible origin of the word doofus, slang for a person prone to foolishness or stupidity, perhaps influenced by the German word doof, meaning stupid.[7]

The Goofus bird is one of many fearsome critters of lumberjack folklore, fantastical beasts that were said to inhabit the frontier wilderness of North America, and is an example of a 'tall tale',[8] a story with unbelievable elements related as if it were factual.

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