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Boris Andreyev
Борис Андреев
Boris Fyodorovich Andreyev

(1915-02-09)9 February 1915
Died25 April 1982(1982-04-25) (aged 67)
Moscow, Soviet Union
OccupationActor, voice actor
Years active1937–1982
HonoursPeople's Artist of the USSR (1962)

Boris Fyodorovich Andreyev (Russian: Бори́с Фёдорович Андре́ев; 9 February [O.S. 27 January] 1915 – 25 April 1982) was a Soviet and Russian actor. He appeared in 51 films between 1939 and 1982. People's Artist of the USSR (1962).


Boris Andreyev was born 9 February 1915 in Saratov, Russian Empire to a family of workers. His childhood and youth years were spent in Atkarsk, Saratov Governorate. After completing the seventh grade at school, Andreyev went to work as a mechanic-electrician at a сombine factory, where he started going to a local theatrical circle. There he was noticed by a famous Saratov actor, Ivan Slonov, who suggested that he enter the Saratov Theatre Technical School, from which Boris Andreyev successfully graduated in 1937.

For a while, Boris Andreyev played on the Saratov Drama Theater's stage. During the theater tour in Moscow, film director Ivan Pyryev offered him the role of Nazar Duma in Tractor Drivers (1939). It became his first film role and also brought him great popularity in the medium.

His next notable role was as Khariton Balun in A Great Life (1st part in 1939, 2nd part in 1958).

During the Second World War, Andreyev with Mark Bernes acted in the legendary Soviet film Two Soldiers (1943).

In the role of Ilya Zhurbin in A Big Family (1954), Andreyev demonstrated his ability to play psychologically-complicated characters. His roles in Cruelty (1959) and The Road to Berlin (1962) brought forth two of his most intense performances. The role of Vozhak in the film An Optimistic Tragedy became one of the defining performances of his career and one of its major highlights.

In the 1971–1973 years, Boris Andreyev served as the narrator of several documentaries, such as People's Artist Andreyev, People's Artist Kasymov and People's Artist Shukur Burkhanov. He was buried at Vagankovo Cemetery in Moscow.


Year Title Role Notes
1939 Shchors Young Red Armist Uncredited
Traktoristy Nazar Duma
The Fighters Fighter Pilot
A Great Life Khariton Balun
1941 Valery Chkalov Mechanic 'Chizhik'
Bogdan Khmelnitskiy Ivan, called Dovbna, Shaytan's son / Boyar Pushkin
1942 Boyevoy kinosbornik 8 (segment "Three in a Tank")
Aleksandr Parkhomenko Anarchist Uncredited
1943 Gody molodye Zakhar
Syn Tadzhikistana Ivan
Doroga k zvyozdam Pilot Uncredited
Two Soldiers Sasha
1944 I Am a Sailor of the Black Sea Fleet Stepan Polosukhin and His father Grigoriy Polosukhin
The Last Hill Maj. Zhukovskiy
1945 Golden Path Epifanstev
Dark Is the Night Lyosha Khristoforov
1946 Bolshaya zhizn. 2 seriya Khariton Balun
1948 Ballad of Siberia Yakov Zakharonovich Burmak
Bílá tma Soviet partisan Dugin
1949 Encounter at the Elbe Sgt. Egorkin
1950 The Fall of Berlin Alexei Ivanov
Cossacks of the Kuban Fedya
1951 The Unforgettable Year 1919 Vladimir Shibayev
1953 Maksimka Seaman Luchkin
1954 Marina's Destiny Matvey
A Big Family Ilya Matveyevich Zhurbin
1956 The Mexican Paulino Vera
Ilya Muromets Ilya Muromets
1958 Poem of the Sea Savva Zarudnyi
1959 Khmuroe utro matros Chugay
V stepnoy tishi
Cruelty Lazar Baulin
Foma Gordeev Zvantsev
1961 Chronicle of Flaming Years general Glazunov
The Cossacks Eroshka
1962 The Road to Berth Zosima Rosomakha botsman
1963 Bolshaya doroga Voják
An Optimistic Tragedy Vozhak
Melodii Dunaevskogo
1964 The Enchanted Desna Platon Poltorak
1965 Nad nami Yuzhnyy Krest Fedoseenko
1967 Na dikom brege
Volshebnaya lampa Aladdina
1968 Den angela
1970 Nochnoy zvonok Lavrentiy Kvashnin
1972 Treasure Island Long John Silver
1974 Vanyushin's Children Aleksandr Vanyushin
Abiturientka Petro
Pyotr Martynovich i gody bolshoy zhizni
1975 At the World's Limit
1976 Naznachayeshsya vnuchkoy ded Timofey
1980 Sergey Ivanovich ukhodit na pensiyu Sergey Ivanovich
1983 Tears Were Falling Nikolai Vanichkin
Predisloviye k bitve Mokhov