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The Bournemouth Bobcats is an English American football team based in Bournemouth, Dorset competing in the first division of the British American Football Association's Southern Conference. The team's home ground is at Slades Farm, Bournemouth, BH10 4BU.

Bournemouth Bobcats Logo

Early history

The club was originally formed in 1986, winning the Budweiser Premier Bowl in 1987 and playing in the league's top division between 1988 and 1991 before folding.


The Bobcats reformed in 2009 and entered BAFA Community Leagues as an associate member in 2010. The newly formed Bobcats played 5 games (2–3) over the 2010 summer months, concluding with a 34–12 win over Bristol Apache away.

Recent history


In 2011, after losing their opening three matches the Bobcats bounced back against the Gloucester Banshees beating them both away then at home to go 2–3 with a new offensive co-ordinator. In the following games, the Bobcats lost away at South Wales and at home to the eventual Division Winners Reading in a close game. The Bobcats then had a fantastic win against the well established Cornish Sharks beating them at home 20–12. Another win against their main rivals the Bristol Apache at home and a loss in the final game to South Wales; the Bobcats ended their first season with a very respectable 4–6 record.


2012 saw the Bobcats re-enter the British leagues with a new head coach, Derek Burridge. It was an excellent inaugural season that ended up with an exceptional 4–6 record with wins against three out of the five clubs in the division.


For the 2013 season, Mark Newell took over the role as head coach and oversaw a disappointing year for the team with them ending up with a 1–9 season. The only win being a hard-fought last game of the season against rookie team Swindon Storm resulting in a 14–13 win.


The 2015 season was successful in some ways and disappointing in others. Led by head coach Tim Iles, who took on a multitude of responsibilities, The Bobcats went 4–6 with wins at home and away against Portsmouth and Hastings. The away win at Hastings was one of the most courageous performances of the Bobcats who travelled light in squad numbers, had a number of key players either missing or playing both ways and also had to wait for an hour after one of the Bobcats players received treatment for a serious leg injury.

2015 Player Award Winner

Award Player
Team MVP Tom Burn


The Bobcats 2016 season would turn out to be one of their most successful in the current period. Finishing with a strong 7–2 record and missing out on the play-offs by points difference.

2016 Player Award Winner

Award Player
Team MVP Craig MacDonald


Having recruited strongly in the off-season the 2017 season did not take the course originally planned and serious injuries left an undersized Bobcats squad finishing with a disappointing 3–7 record.

2017 Player Award Winners

Award Player
Team MVP Craig MacDonald
Offensive MVP Davy Baker
Defensive MVP Duncan Ross
Offensive coaches' MVP Gregory Coope
Defensive coaches' MVP Tom Burn
Rookie of the season Will Brooks
Newcomer of the season Connor Clark
Most improved offensive player Andrea Colosio
Most improved defensive player Tommi Morgan


The 2018 season being more successful than the last but ended in a lopsided 3-4-1 but with the addition of some very talented rookies.

2018 Player Award Winners

Award Player
Team MVP Craig MacDonald
Offensive MVP Titi Geas
Defensive MVP Sam Williams
Offensive coaches' MVP Adam Bowley
Defensive coaches' MVP Will Brooks
Rookie of the season James Leeland
Newcomer of the season Paddy King
Most improved offensive player Nathaniel Thatcher
Most improved defensive player Michael Dowthwaite


The Bobcats had their most successful season since reforming. A 6–2 regular season record was enough to lead the Bobcats into the play-offs. Having put up big scores in the quarter-final against Norwich Devils and then Essex Spartans in the semi-final, they booked their place in the Britbowl XXIII South Division 2 Championship.

Unfortunately, the Bobcats lost a close encounter against the South Wales Warriors. However, with victory over Essex Spartans in the Playoff Semi-final, they had already secured promotion to Division 1. The 2020 season will see the Bobcats take on a new challenge of Division 1 football and back to a 10-game schedule.

Regular Season Results

Home team Score Away team Result
Bournemouth Bobcats 19-2 Jurassic Coast Raptors W
Bournemouth Bobcats 33-39 London Blitz B L
London Blitz B 17-10 Bournemouth Bobcats L
Bournemouth Bobcats 51-0 Swindon Storm W
Swindon Storm 7-17 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Jurassic Coast Raptors 6-44 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Bournemouth Bobcats 52-0 Hastings Conquerors W
Hastings Conquerors 0-60 Bournemouth Bobcats W

Post Season Results

Stage Home team Score Away team Result Match Film
Playoff Quarter-final Norwich Devils 6-30 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Playoff Semi-final Essex Spartans 20-42 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Playoff Final* Bournemouth Bobcats 0-13 South Wales Warriors L Britbowl XXXIII film

*Played at neutral venue- New River Stadium, London.

2019 Player Award Winners

Award Player
Team MVP Craig MacDonald
Offensive MVP Craig MacDonald
Defensive MVP David Isaacs
Offensive coaches' MVP Nacho Moreno
Defensive coaches' MVP Matt Clarkson
Rookie of the season Miles Badcock
Newcomer of the season Joe Edwards
Most improved offensive player Carl Phillips
Most improved defensive player Nathaniel Thatcher


Bournemouth Bobcats pictured before their away fixture v Solent Thrashers in the 2020 season

With the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19, the 2020 regular season was cancelled.


The Bobcats opted to take part in a regional Wessex Division which consisted of fellow Division 1 teams Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, Sussex Thunder, Rushmoor Knights and Premier Division team Solent Thrashers.

2021 Results

Home team Score Away team Result
Bournemouth Bobcats 20-0 Portsmouth Dreadnoughts W
Bournemouth Bobcats 8-31 Rushmoor Knights L
Sussex Thunder 16-19 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Bournemouth Bobcats 27-6 Rushmoor Knights W
Bournemouth Bobcats 14-33 Solent Thrashers L
Bournemouth Bobcats H-W Sussex Thunder W
Rushmoor Knights 3-12 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Solent Thrashers 48-14 Bournemouth Bobcats L

Wessex League Final Standings

Solent Thrashers 8 8 0 261 62 100
Bournemouth Bobcats 8 5 3 115 137 62.5
Rushmoor Knights 8 4 4 104 130 50
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 1 0 1 0 20 0
Sussex Thunder 8 0 8 23 146 0
Bournemouth Bobcats 2020 MVP David Isaacs

2021 Player Award Winners

Award Winner Runner-up
Team MVP David Isaacs Craig MacDonald
Offensive MVP Carl Phillips Jonathan Gentile
Defensive MVP Michael Myers Tim Chapman
Offensive coaches' MVP Jonathan Gentile
Defensive coaches' MVP Tim Chapman
Offensive Rookie of the season Aaron Heald Daniel Shaw
Defensive Rookie of the season Michael Myers Perry Pedrosa
Newcomer of the season Rory Gallagher Mark Ward
Most improved offensive player Aaron Heald Daniel Shaw
Most improved defensive player Max Cheater Tim Chapman


The Bobcats lined up in their SFC 1 West Division against- South Wales Warriors, Portsmouth Dreadnoughts, Oxford Saints, Rushmoor Knights and Hertforshire Cheetahs.

2022 Results

Home team Score Away team Result
Rushmoor Knights 31-15 Bournemouth Bobcats L
Bournemouth Bobcats 23-7 Portsmouth Dreadnoughts W
Bournemouth Bobcats 9-14 Hertfordshire Cheetahs L
Bournemouth Bobcats 12-4 South Wales Warriors W
Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 3- 21 Bournemouth Bobcats W
Bournemouth Bobcats 7-3 Rushmoor Knights W
Oxford Saints 14-21 Bournemouth Bobcats W
South Wales Warriors 12-6 Bournemouth Bobcats L
Bournemouth Bobcats 14-0 Oxford Saints W
Hertfordshire Cheetahs 18-20 Bournemouth Bobcats W

Current staff

Name Position
Keith Barnes General Manager
Simon McLean Head Coach
Will Brooks Defensive Co-ordinator
Simon McLean Offensive Co-ordinator
Harry James Hydration Officer

Current Player Roster

Squad Number Name Position
1 Craig MacDonald QB
2 Harry James MID
3 Abe Day DB
4 Alister Coleman LB
5 Sam Chance QB
6 Joe Genovesa LB
7 Rhys Jenkins RB
8 Aaron Heald RB
9 David Isaacs LB
10 Joe Edwards WR
11 Daniel Shaw WR
12 Eamonn Knight WR
13 Keith Barnes TE
14 Kieran Higgins WR/QB
15 Michael Myers LB
16 Stephen Pemberton
17 Edward Dimuna DB
18 Sam Williams LB
19 Tim Chapman FS
20 Robert Chandler DB
21 Al Melly DB
22 James Leeland DB
23 Harry James MID
24 Tom Burn S
25 Jordan Stovold DB
26 Davy Baker RB
27 Harry James MID
28 Harry James MID
29 Harry James MID
30 Perry Pedrosa DB
31 Harry James MID
32 Karim Doukir DB
33 Harry James MID
34 Harry James MID
35 Simon McClean QB
36 Alex Wilkins DB
37 Harry James MID
38 Craig Golding DB
39 Tom Meaker DB
40 Harry James MID
41 Elliot Withers DB
42 Nathan Campbell DL
43 Max Cheater DB
44 Jordan Wells-West DL
45 Harry James MID
46 Charles Turland
47 Dale Powell RB
48 Leo Abate LB
49 Harry James MID
50 Pete Millner
51 Harry James MID
52 Harry James MID
53 Chris Bhamra LB
54 Will Cameron LB
55 Harry James MID
56 Jack Naish LB
57 Darren Parry OL
58 Sam Goodman
59 Harry James MID
60 Mike Schneider OL
61 Harry James MID
62 Harry James MID
63 James Walton DL
64 Harry James MID
65 Harry James MID
66 Luke Clark OL
67 Ross Bridger OL
68 David Hayter OL
69 Adam Bowley OL
70 Alex Lyndon OL
71 Jamie Joy OL
72 Dan Lyndon OL
73 Harry Tubbs OL
74 Chandler Price OL
75 Jack Durdle OL
76 Harry James MID
77 Paddy King DL
78 Phil Newby OL
79 James Underwood DL
80 Rob Howard WR
81 Jordan Nicholls WR
82 Harrison Cooper TE
83 Taryn McColm WR
84 Carl Phillips WR
85 Wyatt Ko WR
86 John Costa LB
87 Ollie Ashton TE
88 Jonathan Gentile TE
89 Jason Griffith WR
90 Harry James MID
91 Michael Day DL
92 James Minton DL
93 Will Brooks DL
94 Miles Badcock DB
95 Liam Chamberlain DL
96 Stuart Hodson DL
97 Rory Gallagher DL
98 Nathan Newman DL
99 Harry James MID