British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
DisciplinePhilosophy of science
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  • Prof. Wendy Parker
  • Prof. Robert Rupert
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University of Chicago Press
3.282 (2021)
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ISO 4Br. J. Philos. Sci.
MathSciNetBritish J. Philos. Sci.
ISSN0007-0882 (print)
1464-3537 (web)
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British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (BJPS) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal of philosophy, owned by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science (BSPS) and published by University of Chicago Press.[1] The journal publishes work that uses philosophical methods in addressing issues raised in the natural and human sciences.


The leading international journal in the field,[3] BJPS publishes outstanding new work on a variety of traditional and 'cutting edge' topics, from issues of explanation and realism to the applicability of mathematics, from the metaphysics of science to the nature of models and simulations, as well as foundational issues in the physical, life, and social sciences. Recent topics covered in the journal include the epistemology of measurement, mathematical non-causal explanations, signalling games, the nature of biochemical kinds, and approaches to human cognitive development, among many others. The journal seeks to advance the field by publishing innovative and thought-provoking papers, discussion notes and book reviews that open up new directions or shed new light on well-known issues.[4]

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science operates a triple-anonymized peer review process and receives over 600 submissions a year.[3] It is fully compliant with the RCUK open access policy,[5] and is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).[6]

In 2016, book reviews were moved to online-only publication in the BJPS Review of Books.[7]

The journal also runs a blog, Auxiliary Hypotheses.[8]

Editorial board

Past editors include J. O. Wisdom,[9] Alexander Bird, Peter Clark, Mary Hesse, James Ladyman, Imre Lakatos, and David Papineau.[1]


Professor Robert D. Rupert (University of Colorado Boulder) and Professor Wendy Parker (Virginia Tech)[10]

Deputy Editor

Dr Elizabeth Hannon (LSE)

Associate Editors

Past Editors-in-Chief
Steven French 2011-2020
Michela Massimi 2011-2017
Alexander Bird & James Ladyman 2005-2011
Peter Clark 1999-2004
David Papineau 1993-1998
G M K Hunt 1986-1993
Donald A. Gillies 1983-1985
John Worrall 1980-1981
John W. N. Watkins & John Worrall 1974-1979
Imre Lakatos 1971-1973
David Hugh Mellor 1969-1971
Mary Hesse & David Hugh Mellor 1969
Mary Hesse 1965-1969
John Oulton Wisdom 1956-1964
Alistair Cameron Crombie 1950-1955

The BJPS Popper Prize

The prize is awarded to the best paper appearing in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science as determined by the Editors-in-Chief and the BSPS Committee. The prize includes a £500 award to the winner(s).[12]

History of the prize

The Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize was originally established at the wish of the late Dr Laurence B. Briskman, formerly of the Department of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, who died on 8 May 2002, having endowed an essay prize fund to encourage work in any area falling under the general description of the critical rationalist philosophy of Karl Popper. Briskman was greatly influenced by Popper, who remained the dominant intellectual influence on his philosophical outlook throughout his career. While originally open for submissions, since 2011 the prize is only awarded to papers having appeared in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.[12] The endowment ended in 2017, at which point the BSPS took over funding the prize. The decision was also taken to widen the prize's remit, to include all papers published in the BJPS and not just those concerned with Popper's work. At the same time, the prize's name was changed to the BJPS Popper Prize.[13]

Previous winners

Year Author Title
2022 Zina B. Ward 'Registration Pluralism and the Cartographic Approach to Data Aggregation across Brains'
2021 Eddy Keming Chen 'Quantum Mechanics in a Time-Asymmetric Universe: On the Nature of the Initial Quantum State'
2020 Jessica Laimann 'Capricious Kinds'
2019 Carlos Santana 'Waiting for the Anthropocene'
2018 Jonah N. Schupbach 'Robustness Analysis as Explanatory Reasoning'
2017 Grant Ramsey and Andreas de Block 'Is Cultural Fitness Hopelessly Confused?'
2016 Co-winner: Elizabeth Irvine 'Model-Based Theorizing in Cognitive Neuroscience'
2016 Co-winner: Eran Tal 'Making Time: A Study in the Epistemology of Measurement'
2015 Matthew Slater 'Natural Kindness'
2014 Rachael L. Brown 'What Evolvability Really Is'
2013 Charles Pence and Grant Ramsey 'A New Foundation for the Propensity Interpretation of Fitness'
2012 Elliott Wagner 'Deterministic Chaos and the Evolution of Meaning'
2011 No award made N/A
2010 Daniel Greco 'Significance Testing in Theory and Practice'
2009 Sebastian Lutz 'Criteria of Empirical Significance: a Success Story'
2008 Antoni Diller 'On Critical and Pancritical Rationalism'
2007 No award made N/A
2006 Maria Kronfeldner 'Darwinian Hypothesis Formation Revisited'
2005 No award made N/A
2004 Benjamin Elliott 'Falsifiable Statements in Theology: Karl Popper and Christian Thought'

Impact factor

The 2021 impact factor for BJPS was 3.282, while its five-year impact factor was 3.144, making it the leading philosophy of science journal, 3rd in the Science Citation Index, and 4th in the Social Sciences Citation Index.[3]

Year Impact Factor
2021 3.282
2020 3.978
2019 2.605
2018 1.768
2017 2.053
2016 1.985
2015 1.738
2014 1.281
2013 1.017
2012 0.919
2011 1.097
2010 1.048
2009 1.109
2008 0.867
2007 0.884
2006 0.689


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