Buckwheat tea
TypeHerbal tea

Other names
  • Memil-cha
  • soba-cha
  • kuqiao-cha
OriginEast Asia

Quick descriptionTea made from roasted buckwheat

Temperature90 °C (194 °F)
Time2‒4 minutes
Korean name
Revised Romanizationmemil-cha
Roasted buckwheat

Buckwheat tea, known as memil-cha (메밀차) in Korea, soba-cha (そば茶) in Japan, and kuqiao-cha (苦荞茶) in China, is a tea made from roasted buckwheat.[1] Like other traditional Korean teas, memil-cha can be drunk either warm or cold and is sometimes served in place of water.[2][3] Recently, tartari buckwheat grown in Gangwon Province is popular for making memil-cha, as it is nuttier and contains more rutin.[2]


Buckwheat is husked, cooked, and dried then pan-fried without oil.[4][5] For one part of buckwheat, ten parts of water are used.[4] 5–10 millilitres (0.18–0.35 imp fl oz; 0.17–0.34 US fl oz) of roasted buckwheat is added to 90 °C (194 °F) water and infused for 2–4 minutes.[2]

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