CD-ROM Today
October 1994 issue of CD-ROM Today
Editor-in-ChiefBrad Dosland
Staff writersVarious
CategoriesComputing, multimedia
FrequencyOnce every other month, later monthly
PublisherMatt Firme
First issueearly 1993
Final issue
July 1996
CompanyImagine Publishing
CountryUnited States
Based inBrisbane, California

CD-ROM Today was an American magazine targeted at computer users. Published from 1993 to 1996 by Imagine Publishing (now Future US), the magazine was initially issued once every other month, before becoming a monthly. Each issue included software and hardware reviews, as well as a CD containing fonts, video and text files, system updaters, freeware and shareware and demo versions of commercial software. Products were included for both Macintosh and Windows PC.

CD-ROM Today was the highest-selling review magazine for both Macintosh and PC users in 1996.[1] In 1996, after four seasonal and 25 numbered issues, the magazine was discontinued, with two newer publications replacing it: MacAddict for Macintosh users, and boot for Windows users.[1] Both magazines were first issued in August 1996[2] and have since been renamed MacLife and Maximum PC, respectively.


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