The CSI comics are comic book tie-ins with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY television shows. They have been published from 2003 to 2009.

The majority have been released by IDW Publishing and have been written by a range of notable authors including Jeff Mariotte, Max Allan Collins, and Steven Grant. The latest was a manga-style story written by Sekou Hamilton and published by Tokyopop.



The first of the major CSI: Crime Scene Investigation stories, Serial deals with Gil Grissom and his team tracking a violent serial killer. The killer is copy-catting history's most infamous murderer – Jack the Ripper, killing Las Vegas prostitutes. To complicate matters for the team, the murderer is striking during the Ripper Mania Festival in Las Vegas, a convention for Jack the Ripper case enthusiasts. The producers of the festival attempt to work with the police.[1]

Dying in the Gutters

The story revolves around the (fictional) murder of Rich Johnston who writes a gossip column for Comic Book Resources called "Lying in the Gutters". Due to his notoriety and the fact that this takes place at a comics convention there is a long list of comic book luminaries among the suspects.[2]

Intern At Your Own Risk

15-year-old Kiyomi Hudson is one of five teens—and the lone girl—chosen for internship in Las Vegas' CSI Division under the tutelage of Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows. Little does she know that her first "case" concerns another brutally murdered teenage girl, and that one of her fellow interns may know more than he's letting on.[3]


IDW Publishing

Usually published as limited series by IDW Publishing they are collected by IDW and Titan as trade paperbacks.

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