Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Office Building is where the Cabinet Secretariat resides
Agency overview
FormedDecember 20, 1924 (1924-12-20)
Jurisdiction Japan
HeadquartersNagatachō 1-6-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Annual budget\97,632,972,000 (2023)[2]
Secretary responsible
Deputy Secretary responsible
(in Japanese)
The Cabinet Secretariat is in charge of the Prime Minister's Official Residence (Kantei)

The Cabinet Secretariat (内閣官房, Naikaku-kanbō)[3] is an agency in the Japanese government, headed by the Chief Cabinet Secretary. It organizes the Cabinet's public relations, coordinates ministries and agencies, collects intelligence, and organizes miscellaneous other tasks for the Cabinet, including the Prime Minister's office (Kantei) and residence (Kōtei).


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