Chupe andino
Place of originAndes

Chupe andino refers to various stews and soups that are prepared in the Andes mountains region in South America.[1][2] Chupe Andino may be prepared by Andean people, those that live in the region.[2] It is sometimes prepared in large portions to feed many people at marketplaces and events.[3][4] Chupe Andino is sometimes served with wine as an accompaniment.[1][2] Soups and stews play a significant part in Andean cuisine, because the cold weather in the region demands nutritious, fatty foods that are warming.[2]

The term chupe is a standard South American term that refers to various stews prepared with meats,[5] fish[6] and seafood, tripe and offal. Additional ingredients may include potato, onion, garlic and cheese.[6] In the past, it has been prepared using yuca as an ingredient.[5]

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