Circassian cheese
Country of originNorth Caucasia
Source of milkCow, sheep or goat milk
PasteurisedDepends on variety
TextureDepends on variety
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Circassian cheese (Adyghe: адыгэ къуае Adyghe pronunciation: [aːdəɣa qʷaːja], Russian: адыгейский сыр adygeyskiy syr), is a cheese found across the North Caucasus, the Levant and other areas with a Circassian diaspora.

The cheese is prepared with raw cow, sheep and/or goats milk (Adyghean cheese - only with cow milk) and molded into a wooden basket.[1] Circassian cheese is a mild type of cheese that does not melt when baked or fried, and can be crumbled.[citation needed] Circassian cheese is often consumed fresh, or after having been dried by the sun or in the oven.[1] There is also a fumed Circassian cheese.[1]

There is an annual festival for Circassian cheese in Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adyghea, Russia, held during the Circassian cultural festival with participants from different regions in the North Caucasus, competing in producing the best types of Circassian cheese.[2][3][4]


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