South Australia
Cottage among grape vines at Penwortham in the Hundred of Clare
Stanley is located in South Australia
Coordinates33°48′S 138°35′E / 33.80°S 138.58°E / -33.80; 138.58
Area4,080 km2 (1,574 sq mi)
Lands administrative divisions around Stanley:
Victoria Victoria Kimberley
Daly Stanley Burra
Fergusson Gawler Light

The County of Stanley is one of the 49 cadastral counties of South Australia. It was proclaimed by Governor George Grey and named for Edward Stanley, Secretary of State for the Colonies from 1841 to 1845, who, in 1842, had advocated financial support for South Australia.[1] It is roughly bounded by the Wakefield River in the south, the approximate path of the Barrier Highway in the east, latitude 33°28' S in the north and longitudes 138°08' to 138°15' E in the west.[1]


The county is divided into 16 hundreds.

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