Delicious in Dungeon
First tankōbon volume cover, featuring Laios Touden (front), Senshi, Chilchuck Tims, and Marcille Donato (back)
(Danjon Meshi)
Written byRyōko Kui [ja]
Published byEnterbrain
English publisher
Original runFebruary 15, 2014September 15, 2023
Anime television series
Directed byYoshihiro Miyajima
Written byKimiko Ueno
Music by
Licensed byNetflix
Original networkTokyo MX, SUN, KBS, TVA, AT-X, BS11
Original run January 4, 2024 – present
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Delicious in Dungeon (Japanese: ダンジョン飯, Hepburn: Danjon Meshi, lit. "Dungeon Meal")[2] is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui [ja]. It was serialized in Enterbrain's seinen manga magazine Harta from February 2014 to September 2023. Yen Press has licensed the series in North America. An anime television series adaptation produced by Trigger premiered in January 2024.


In a fantasy world of dungeon exploration, guilds set out on expeditions to raid dungeons, with many hoping to find the mysterious Golden Kingdom, which is said to be the treasure of an island dungeon. The story begins as a group of adventurers unsuccessfully attempt to slay a red dragon and are forced to escape as it consumes the leader's sister, Falin Touden, a "tallman" (human) spellcaster. Feeling indebted to Falin, who used magic to teleport them to safety, the remaining members of the party—Laios Touden, a tallman swordsman, Chilchuck Tims, a halfling locksmith, and Marcille Donato, an elven spellcaster—brainstorm how to get back to the dungeon level with the dragon in time to save Falin from digestion. With most of their supplies left behind in the dungeon, their mission seems impossible until Laios, who secretly wants to eat dungeon monsters, suggests they sustain themselves by finding food inside, to which Chilchuck and Marcille reluctantly agree. Inside, they encounter Senshi, a dwarf with ten years of experience surviving in the dungeon by cooking monsters and harvesting food.

The story details their travels through the dungeon, the environments, traps, and monsters they encounter, and the meals they create.


The initial members of the Touden Party (from left to right: Senshi, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Laios) as seen in the anime adaptation
Laios Touden (ライオス・トーデン, Raiosu Tōden)
Voiced by: Kentarō Kumagai,[3] Natsu YoritaEp. 3 credits (young) (Japanese); Damien Haas,[4] Marin MillerEp. 3 credits (young), Erica MendezEp. 11 credits (young) (English)
A "tallman" (トールマン, tōruman), or human, who, along with his party, ventures into a dungeon to rescue his sister Falin before the dragon that defeated them digests her. He is a strong fighter and the leader of the party, and is calm and gentle. However, he tends to speak quickly when excited and can be tactless. He is excited to try different monster meals, and often uses the knowledge gained from cooking monsters to develop techniques to defeat them.
Marcille Donato (マルシル・ドナトー, Marushiru Donatō)
Voiced by: Sayaka Senbongi[3] (Japanese); Emily Rudd[4] (English)
A cautious half-elf magician and an original member of Laios' party, who wields a wooden staff and can use various forms of magic. She is usually hesitant and even sometimes unwilling to eat monsters. Because of her skill in magic, she can often perform complicated or high-power spells with little preparation, a skill which her companions often do not appreciate.
Chilchuck Tims (チルチャック・ティムズ, Chiruchakku Timuzu)
Voiced by: Asuna Tomari [ja][3] (Japanese); Casey Mongillo[4] (English)
A "half-foot" (ハーフフット, hāfufutto), or halfling, locksmith and an original member of Laios' party. He has good dexterity and keen senses, which he uses to disable traps, locate hidden pathways, and pickpocket for the group. He often admonishes Laios for his tactless behavior and obsession with monsters, but deep down cares about his companions. He dislikes when others take over his job or take needless risks and generally avoids combat, but can use a bow and arrow.
Senshi (センシ)
Voiced by: Hiroshi Naka[3] (Japanese); SungWon Cho[4] (English)
A dwarf warrior who joins the party to fulfill his dream of cooking the dragon Laios and his party set out to kill. He is knowledgeable about the dungeon and the monsters within it, and is an expert chef. He typically wields a large axe, but always carries a pot and cooking utensils. He ensures the party is well fed and have a balanced diet to keep them going through the dungeon.
Falin Touden (ファリン・トーデン, Farin Tōden)
Voiced by: Saori Hayami[5] (Japanese); Lisa Reimold[4] (English)
A tallman spell-caster and Laios' sister; a gentle person who shares her brother's love of monsters and was an original member of his party. She was eaten by a dragon at the bottom of the dungeon after using her magic to teleport the party to safety. Laios and his party set out to rescue and revive her before the dragon's month-long digestion cycle ends and she can no longer be resurrected. She has the unique ability to communicate with ghosts, which she used to protect the party and remove ghosts possessing corpses.
Izutsumi (イヅツミ)
A tallman woman who was kidnapped and turned into a beast-man when she was six years old. She shares her form with the essence of a Big Cat, a monster resembling a large cat. After Toshiro's father bought her, she traveled with them until she meets Laios' party, after which she joins them to find a cure for her body. She is independent and apathetic, but will protect her companions when needed.
Kensuke (ケン助)
A mollusk-like creature from the "living armor" monsters that takes the shape of a sword, which Laios adopts to replace his original sword. It fidgets when it senses monsters, but also occasionally runs away when extremely frightened and cannot be drawn from its scabbard when rattling too much. Its sensitivity makes it unreliable, but helpful when exploring the dungeon.
Namari (ナマリ)
Voiced by: Akira Miki [ja][5] (Japanese); Marin Miller[4] (English)
A brash dwarf fighter and an original member of Laios' party, who has since departed to work with the Tances. She is an expert in weapons and knowledgeable on types of metal and weapons.
Shuro (シュロー, Shurō) / Toshiro Nakamoto (半本 俊朗, Nakamoto Toshirō)
Voiced by: Shinji Kawada[5] (Japanese); Mick Lauer[4] (English)
A tallman fighter from a distant island who is part of a noble family. He decided to explore the dungeon to improve his skill, and fell in love with Falin after watching her observe a caterpillar. After Falin's death and being warped to the surface, he returns to the dungeon with several retainers, including Izutsumi, to rescue her. He is reserved and often a victim of Laios' lack of social awareness.
Kabru (カブルー, Kaburū)
Voiced by: Wataru Katō [ja][6] (Japanese); Cedric Williams[7] (English)
A tallman fighter who leads a separate party to explore the island's dungeon. He is interested in people, but dislikes monsters due to past trauma involving a different dungeon. Despite wanting to reach the bottom of the dungeon and solve its mysteries, his party is not very strong and has been wiped out several times. He hates fighting monsters and monster food, but he is a skilled fighter against other humans. He is talented at reading people and understanding situations with little information.
Rinsha (リンシャ)
Voiced by: Rie Takahashi[6] (Japanese); Jenny YokoboriEp. 5 credits (English)
Mickbell (ミックベル, Mikkuberu)
Voiced by: Miyu Tomita[6] (Japanese); Lisa ReimoldEp. 5 credits (English)
Kuro (クロ)
Voiced by: Tōru Nara[6] (Japanese); Keith SilversteinEp. 5 credits (English)
Holm (ホルム, Horumu)
Voiced by: Yūya Hirose[6] (Japanese); Marin MillerEp. 7 credits (English)
Daya (ダイア, Daia)
Voiced by: Kei Kawamura [ja][6] (Japanese); Rebeka Thomas[8] (English)
Thistle (シスル, Shisuru)
Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi[9] (Japanese); Rebeka Thomas[8] (English)



Written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui [ja], Delicious in Dungeon was serialized in Enterbrain's Harta magazine from February 15, 2014,[2][10] to September 15, 2023.[11] North American publisher Yen Press announced their license to the series on October 28, 2016.[12]


No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 January 15, 2015[13]978-4-04-730153-5May 23, 2017[14]978-0-31-647185-5
  • 1. "Hot Pot" (水炊き, Mizutaki)
  • 2. "Tart" (タルト, Taruto)
  • 3. "Roast Basilisk" (ローストバジリスク, Rōsuto Bajirisuku)
  • 4. "Omelet" (オムレツ, Omuretsu)
  • 5. "Kakiage" (かき揚げ)
  • 6. "Living Armor -1-" (動く鎧1, Ugoku Yoroi 1)
  • 7. "Living Armor -2-" (動く鎧2, Ugoku Yoroi 2)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -1-" (モンスターよもやま話1, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 1)
2 August 12, 2015[15]978-4-04-730676-9August 22, 2017[16]978-0-31-647308-8
  • 8. "Stewed Cabbage" (キャベツ煮, Kyabetsu Ni)
  • 9. "Orcs" (オーク, Ōku)
  • 10. "Snacks" (おやつ, Oyatsu)
  • 11. "Sorbet" (ソルベ, Sorube)
  • 12. "Court Cuisine" (宮廷料理, Kyūtei Ryōri)
  • 13. "Boiled in Salt Water" (塩茹で, Shioyude)
  • 14. "Kelpie" (水棲馬, Kerupī)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -2-" (モンスターよもやま話2, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 2)
3 August 12, 2016[17]978-4-04-734243-9November 14, 2017[18]978-0-31-641279-7
  • 15. "Porridge" (雑炊, Zōsui)
  • 16. "Broiled with Sauce" (蒲焼き, Kabayaki)
  • 17. "Raspberries" (木苺, Kiichigo)
  • 18. "Grilled Meat" (焼き肉, Yakiniku)
  • 19. "Tentacles" (テンタクルス, Tentakurusu)
  • 20. "Stew" (シチュー, Shichū)
  • 21. "Giant Frogs" (大ガエル, Ōgaeru)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -3-" (モンスターよもやま話3, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 3)
4 February 15, 2017[19]978-4-04-734417-4February 20, 2018[20]978-0-31-644640-2
  • 22. "Aboveground" (地上にて, Chijō nite)
  • 23. "Red Dragon I" (炎竜1, Reddo Doragon 1)
  • 24. "Red Dragon II" (炎竜2, Reddo Doragon 2)
  • 25. "Red Dragon III" (炎竜3, Reddo Doragon 3)
  • 26. "Red Dragon IV" (炎竜4, Reddo Doragon 4)
  • 27. "Red Dragon V" (炎竜5, Reddo Doragon 5)
  • 28. "Red Dragon VI" (炎竜6, Reddo Doragon 6)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -4-" (モンスターよもやま話4, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 4)
5 August 10, 2017[21]978-4-04-734631-4May 22, 2018[22]978-19-7532644-9
  • 29. "Red Dragon VII" (炎竜7, Reddo Doragon 7)
  • 30. "Good Medicine" (良薬, Ryōyaku)
  • 31. "Sea Serpent, Part 1" (シーサーペント 前編, Shīsāpento Zenpen)
  • 32. "Sea Serpent, Part 2" (シーサーペント 後編, Shīsāpento Kōhen)
  • 33. "Dryad" (ドライアド, Doraiado)
  • 34. "Cockatrice" (コカトリス, Kokatorisu)
  • 35. "Cleaners" (掃除屋, Sōjiya)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -5-" (モンスターよもやま話5, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 5)
6 April 13, 2018[23]978-4-04-735131-8November 13, 2018[24]978-19-7532805-4
  • 36. "Dried With Sweet Sake" (みりん干し, Mirin boshi)
  • 37. "Harpy" (ハーピー, Hāpī)
  • 38. "Chimera" (キメラ, Kimera)
  • 39. "Shapeshifter 1" (シェイプシフター ‐1‐, Sheipu Shifutā ‐1‐)
  • 40. "Shapeshifter 2" (シェイプシフター ‐2‐, Sheipu Shifutā ‐2‐)
  • 41. "Hag" (山姥, Yamanba)
  • 42. "Nightmare" (夢魔, Muma)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -6-" (モンスターよもやま話6, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 6)
7 April 12, 2019[25]978-4-04-735639-9October 29, 2019[26]978-19-7535858-7
  • 43. "Ice Golem" (アイスゴーレム, Aisu Gōremu)
  • 44. "Barometz" (バロメッツ, Baromettsu)
  • 45. "Egg" (, Tamago)
  • 46. "Golden Land" (黄金郷, Ōgonkyō)
  • 47. "Griffin" (グリフィン, Gurifin)
  • 48. "Familiar" (使い魔, Tsukaima)
  • 49. "Griffin Soup" (グリフィンのスープ, Gurifin no Sūpu)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -7-" (モンスターよもやま話7, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 7)
8 September 14, 2019[27]978-4-04-735626-9March 17, 2020[28]978-19-7539940-5
  • 50. "Dumplings" (ダンプリング ‐1‐, Danpuringu ‐1‐)
  • 51. "Dumplings II" (ダンプリング ‐2‐, Danpuringu ‐2‐)
  • 52. "Bacon and Eggs" (ベーコンエッグ, Bēkon'Eggu)
  • 53. "On the 1st Level" (地下1階にて ‐1‐, Chika 1-kai Nite ‐1‐)
  • 54. "On the 1st Level, Part II" (地下1階にて ‐2‐, Chika 1-kai Nite ‐2‐)
  • 55. "On the 1st Level, Part III" (地下1階にて ‐3‐, Chika 1-kai Nite ‐3‐)
  • 56. "Bicorn" (バイコーン, Baikōn)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -8-" (モンスターよもやま話8, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 8)
9 May 15, 2020[29]978-4-04-736116-4January 19, 2021[30]978-19-7532016-4
  • 57. "Stewed Head" (兜煮, Kabutoni)
  • 58. "Succubus" (サキュバス 前編, Sakyubasu Zenpen)
  • 59. "Succubus, Part II" (サキュバス 後編, Sakyubasu Kōhen)
  • 60. "Winged Lion" (有翼の獅子, Yūyoku no Shishi)
  • 61. "Roasted Walking Mushroom" (焼き歩き茸, Yaki Aruki Kinoko)
  • 62. "6 Days" (6日間, 6-Kakan)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -9-" (モンスターよもやま話9, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 9)
10 February 13, 2021[31]978-4-04-736274-1March 1, 2022[32]978-19-7533558-8
  • 63. "Confit" (コンフィ, Konfi)
  • 64. "Rabbit" (ウサギ ‐1‐, Usagi ‐1‐)
  • 65. "Rabbit II" (ウサギ ‐2‐, Usagi ‐2‐)
  • 66. "Curry" (カレー ‐1‐, Karē ‐1‐)
  • 67. "Curry II" (カレー ‐2‐, Karē ‐2‐)
  • 68. "Sissel" (シスル ‐1‐, Shisuru ‐1‐)
  • 69. "Sissel II" (シスル ‐2‐, Shisuru ‐2‐)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -10-" (モンスターよもやま話10, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 10)
11 September 15, 2021[33]978-4-04-736622-0August 23, 2022[34]978-19-7534672-0
  • 70. "Sissel III" (シスル ‐3‐, Shisuru ‐3‐)
  • 71. "Sissel IV" (シスル ‐4‐, Shisuru ‐4‐)
  • 72. "Sissel V" (シスル ‐5‐, Shisuru ‐5‐)
  • 73. "Bavarois" (ババロア, Babaroa)
  • 74. "Lyrikmumare" (リリクムムアレ, Ririku Mumuare)
  • 75. "Lord of the Dungeon" (迷宮の主 ‐1‐, Meikyū no Aruji ‐1‐)
  • 76. "Lord of the Dungeon 2" (迷宮の主 ‐2‐, Meikyū no Aruji ‐2‐)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -11-" (モンスターよもやま話11, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 11)
12 August 10, 2022[35]978-4-04-737046-3May 23, 2023[36]978-19-7536798-5
  • 77. "Dungeon" (迷宮, Meikyū)
  • 78. "Dungeon II" (迷宮2, Meikyū 2)
  • 79. "Parasites" (寄生虫, Kiseichū)
  • 80. "Food Chain" (食物連鎖, Shokumotsu Rensa)
  • 81. "Local Cuisine" (郷土料理, Kyōdo Ryōri)
  • 82. "Marcille" (マルシル, Marushiru)
  • 83. "Marcille 2" (マルシル2, Marushiru 2)
  • 84. "Marcille 3" (マルシル3, Marushiru 3)
  • 85. "Marcille 4" (マルシル4, Marushiru 4)
  • Bonus. "Miscellaneous Monster Tales -12-" (モンスターよもやま話12, Monsutā Yomoyamabanashi 12)
13 December 15, 2023[37]978-4-04-737456-0March 19, 2024[38]978-19-7539385-4
  • 86. "Winged Lion" (翼獅子, Yokujishi)
  • 87. "Winged Lion 2" (翼獅子2, Yokujishi 2)
  • 88. "Winged Lion 3" (翼獅子3, Yokujishi 3)
  • 89. "Winged Lion 4" (翼獅子4, Yokujishi 4)
  • 90. "Winged Lion 5" (翼獅子5, Yokujishi 5)
  • 91. "Winged Lion 6" (翼獅子6, Yokujishi 6)
  • 92. "Island" (, Shima)
14 December 15, 2023[39]978-4-04-737740-0July 23, 2024[40]979-88-5540035-9
  • 93. "Falin 1" (ファリン1, Farin 1)
  • 94. "Falin 2" (ファリン2, Farin 2)
  • 95. "Falin 3" (ファリン3, Farin 3)
  • 96. "Falin 4" (ファリン4, Farin 4)
  • 97. "Dungeon Meal" (ダンジョン飯, Danjon Meshi)


The series received an anime television adaptation produced by Trigger,[41] which is slated to air in two consecutive cours.[42] It is directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima, with scripts written by Kimiko Ueno, character designs by Naoki Takeda, and music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Shunsuke Tsuchiya.[3][43] Bump of Chicken performed the opening theme song "Sleep Walking Orchestra [ja]", while Ryokuoushoku Shakai performed the ending theme song "Party!!".[5][6] It premiered on January 4, 2024, on Tokyo MX and other networks,[9] with Netflix simuldubbing[44] and streaming the series worldwide weekly.[45][6]


No.Title [46][a]Directed by [46]Written by [46]Storyboarded by [46]Original air date [48]
1"Hot Pot"
Transliteration: "Mizutaki" (Japanese: 水炊き)
Hideyuki SatakeKimiko UenoYoshihiro Miyajima
& Naoki Takeda
January 4, 2024 (2024-01-04)
Transliteration: "Taruto" (Japanese: タルト)
After encountering a legendary red dragon in a dungeon, the adventurer Laios Touden and his party are almost killed until his sister Falin is swallowed by the dragon. Her last act is to teleport everyone safely out of the dungeon. Laios hopes to retrieve Falin so she can be resurrected, but this must happen before she is fully digested, or she will be dead permanently. Unfortunately, two party members quit, leaving only Elven mage Marcille Donato, Halfling thief Chilchuck Tims, and no money. Since they need their equipment to survive and cannot sell it to buy food, Laios makes the radical suggestion to hunt and eat dungeon monsters. After spending some time convincing Marcille, they agree to try it. Their initial attempt to cook a monster scorpion is disgusting but does draw the attention of Dwarf warrior Senshi, a veteran of monster cookery. With his assistance, they produce a scorpion and mushroom hot-pot even the reluctant Marcille finds delicious. Learning they seek the red dragon, Senshi joins their party. Moving deeper into the dungeon, they camp for the night while Senshi makes supper; a tart made from the fruits of giant carnivorous plant monsters.
2"Roast Basilisk"
Transliteration: "Rōsuto Bajirisuku" (Japanese: ローストバジリスク)
Takumi IchikawaNanami HiguchiTakumi IchikawaJanuary 11, 2024 (2024-01-11)
Transliteration: "Omuretsu" (Japanese: オムレツ)
(Japanese: かき揚げ)
Senshi lectures the group on the typical poor diet of adventurers, which is high in fat and low on vegetables. As Marcille is craving meat, Senshi recommends either hunting a basilisk and its eggs. During the hunt, another adventurer is poisoned, but Senshi shows them cooking then eating the basilisk acts as an antidote. Requiring vegetables, Senshi harvests screaming mandrakes using a shortcut method. Marcille tries to demonstrate the proper method of harvesting mandrakes, but messes up and is attacked by a bat monster. Laios helps her feel better by pointing out things she is good at. Senshi discovers harvesting mandrakes the right way makes them taste sweeter, so he credits Marcille for teaching him something new and cooks mandrake and basilisk egg omelettes. Moving to the next floor, Chilchuck takes the lead as the area is full of booby traps. Unfortunately, Senshi delights in setting off traps on purpose and repurposes a fire trap and a hot oil trap into an oil fryer to make mandrake and bat meat kakiage. During the process, the two gain a better appreciation of each other as Chilchuck shows Senshi how to manipulate traps in exchange for basic cookery skills.
3"Living Armor"
Transliteration: "Ugoku Yoroi" (Japanese: 動く鎧)
Kōdai NakanoYū SatōIchigo KannoJanuary 18, 2024 (2024-01-18)
When Laios' sword is damaged, he recalls how he first found it. Three years ago, he and Falin were novices and Laios was killed for the first time by a living armor monster but managed to keep the armor's sword once he was resurrected. By chance, the party is now in the same area where suits of armor congregate and end up surrounded by them. Marcille suspects the armors are not monsters themselves, but empty puppets magically controlled by another monster. Laios confronts a larger armor guarding an egg and his damaged sword is destroyed. He realizes the armors are actually the shells of dozens of small, mollusc like monsters. Using the egg as bait, Laios defeats the larger armor then distracts the smaller armors and they safely escape. Deciding to treat them like giant shellfish, Senshi removes all the monsters from the large armor and cooks them in several ways. While edible, everyone agrees the armors are flavorless. Laios takes the large armor's much stronger sword as a replacement but makes the odd decision to hide from the others that one monster is still alive in the sword's handle.
4"Stewed Cabbage"
Transliteration: "Kyabetsu Ni" (Japanese: キャベツ煮)
Yūki KonoKimiko UenoTatsumi FujiiJanuary 25, 2024 (2024-01-25)
Transliteration: "Ōku" (Japanese: オーク)
Senshi reveals the third floor is populated only by undead and golems. Fortunately, golems are made of mud perfect for growing vegetables, so he keeps three at his secret campsite. After enjoying stewed cabbage, Marcille is disgusted that Senshi uses toilet waste as fertilizer. Senshi reveals the only thing stopping more dangerous monsters rising to the surface are the golems, but only his three remain alive. By keeping them healthy, he keeps adventurers on upper floors safe. They take the extra vegetables to a merchant, but the shop is attacked by orcs led by Chief Zon. It transpires Senshi intended to trade with the orcs all along as they are friends. The orcs are struggling as the red dragon has been invading their territory. Senshi gives them the vegetables and also shows them how to make bread. Marcille and the orc chief argue due to their species' past conflicts, but when the chief's infant son interrupts, they manage to share a meal. Laios shares the party's reason for hunting the dragon and his goal of conquering the dungeon. As such, the chief reveals the dragon was last seen two floors down on the fifth floor.
Transliteration: "Oyatsu" (Japanese: おやつ)
Aika IkedaNanami HiguchiAika IkedaFebruary 1, 2024 (2024-02-01)
Transliteration: "Sorube" (Japanese: ソルベ)
An adventuring party led by Kabru are also attempting to conquer the dungeon. After slaying an undead, they find treasure in its pockets. Later, Laios and the others find Kabru and his party mysteriously dead and the monster in Laios' sword goes berserk. It turns out the treasure Kabru found are actually venomous insects called Treasure Bugs. After defeating them, Laios continues to conceal the monster's presence. To Marcille's horror, Senshi reveals some of the bugs are edible and can be made into fried snacks. After Chilchuck throws the inedible treasure into an abyss, Senshi reveals they are inedible due to it being real treasure. Laios suspects the monster tried to protect him, so he names it Kensuke. They are then attacked by ghosts using ice magic, causing everyone to remember Falin used to treat ghosts kindly as she could communicate with them. Senshi drives them away with his version of holy water; a mix of alcohol, sugar, slime organs, herbs, and sweet Treasure Bugs boiled over blessed candles. The ghosts eventually disperse but Senshi discovers their coldness froze the holy water into an ice cream he dubs Exorcist Sorbet. Laios wishes Falin were there with them.
6"Court Cuisine"
Transliteration: "Kyūteiryōri" (Japanese: 宮廷料理)
Keita NagaharaYū SatōKeita NagaharaFebruary 8, 2024 (2024-02-08)
"Boiled in Salt Water"
Transliteration: "Shioyude" (Japanese: 塩茹で)
The party discover a disused dining hall where paintings turn out to be Living Picture monsters. Laios decides to see if being absorbed by the paintings makes the food inside them edible. As he passes from painting to painting, he witnesses scenes from the life of a Prince Delgal. In each painting, Laios encounters an elf who remembers and ultimately tries to kill him, believing he is there to assassinate Delgal. Proving the food is not real, the party remains hungry and sets up camp. Chilchuck spots a Mimic but says nothing as he despises Mimics for always disguising themselves as treasure chests. However, while everyone asleep that night, he accidentally lets a Treasure Bug lure him into the Mimic's room and becomes trapped. Figuring out how to open the door, he escapes the Mimic, which is crushed when the door closed on it. With everyone now awake, Senshi boils the Mimic in saltwater, since without its disguise, a Mimic is just a giant crab. Chilchuck eats it reluctantly as his experience has only made him hate them more. Chilchuck also admits that he is 29, meaning Laios is actually the youngest party member.
Transliteration: "Kerupī" (Japanese: 水棲馬)
Kōdai NakanoYū SatōYoshihiro MiyajimaFebruary 15, 2024 (2024-02-15)
Transliteration: "Zōsui" (Japanese: 雑炊)
"Broiled with Sauce"
Transliteration: "Kabayaki" (Japanese: 蒲焼き)
Kabru and his party are resurrected and tricked into believing they were killed by Laios' party. Meanwhile on the fourth floor, Laios' party must cross a lake using magic, only for Senshi to refuse, revealing he has so much monster blood and oil in his beard that magic does not work on him. When he summons his pet kelpie, Anne, she cunningly tries to drown him. With Laios' help, Senshi kills her. Laios and Chilchuck later find Kabru's party has died again, this time drowned by mermaids. Chilchuck rejects Laios' suggestion they eat the latter. Laios makes porridge from grain Kabru dropped, Mimic and lake weeds. Chilchuck is furious when Laios secretly adds mermaid eggs. Marcille makes soap from kelpie fat, which Senshi uses to bathe for the first time in years, allowing them all to cross the lake. They are then attacked by a kraken, which Senshi kills with a mermaid's trident. Due to the kraken's bitterness, they instead eat the giant parasitic worms infecting it. When Laios foolishly tries to eat it raw, he becomes infected with a smaller worm, leaving him with a stomach ache.
Transliteration: "Kiichigo" (Japanese: 木苺)
Yuichi ShimohiraNanami HiguchiYūki YonemoriFebruary 22, 2024 (2024-02-22)
"Grilled Meat"
Transliteration: "Yakiniku" (Japanese: 焼き肉)
While considering the effects of adventurers on the dungeon's ecosystem, Marcille remembers her youth as an academy student when she dreamed of creating a balanced dungeon that would be safe for adventurers. By contrast, Falin was aimless and easily distracted yet achieved better results by sneaking out to experience a real dungeon. Marcille accompanied her on one trip and realized even dungeons that seemed chaotic were delicately balanced and designing one herself would be much more complex than she naively assumed. This gave her great respect for the sorcerer who created this dungeon as he supposedly did so despite being insane. Chilchuck decides they are only two days away from the dragon and plans their sleep schedule accordingly. Marcille misses other girls, causing her to angrily remember the party members who quit after Falin died. Marcille later accidentally provokes an Undine. She eventually escapes but runs out of magic to recover from her blood loss, delaying the party's progress. To recover, Senshi feeds her ingredients high in iron, namely grilled kelpie liver, angering her when they eat all the other tastier meat without her getting to try any. Meanwhile, another party smell them cooking and become curious.
Transliteration: "Tentakurusu" (Japanese: テンタクルス)
Noboru FurukawaKimiko UenoNoboru FurukawaFebruary 29, 2024 (2024-02-29)
Transliteration: "Shichū" (Japanese: シチュー)
The other party consists of gnome researchers Mr. and Mrs. Tansu, bodyguards Kaka and Kiki, and female dwarf Namari. Marcille is unhappy as Namari is one of their party members who quit. The Tansus arrogantly assume the Undine will not attack them, resulting in Namari's death. After resurrecting her, Mr. Tansu's further impatience gets Kiki attacked by a tentacle monster. Once it is defeated, Senshi discovers tentacles pair well with vinegar. As it will take a week for the Undine to calm down, the Tansus decide to return to the surface. Laios tries to send Marcille with them but she refuses. Marcille then asks Namari to rejoin the party, but she cannot due to financial reasons. To recover her magic, Marcille decides she must eat the Undine. Senshi offers his cooking pot and lid as a shield, which Namari realizes are forged from adamant. Namari and Senshi trap and kill the Undine by boiling it, after which Marcille turns it into a kelpie and tentacle stew. Before departing, Laios asks Namari about the other former member, Shuro. Namari reveals that since he is in love with Falin, she believes that he too is trying to rescue her.
10"Giant Frogs"
Transliteration: "Ōgaeru" (Japanese: 大ガエル)
Tomoyuki MunehiroYū SatōTomoyuki MunehiroMarch 7, 2024 (2024-03-07)
Transliteration: "Chijōnite" (Japanese: 地上にて)
While trying to get to the fifth floor, a frog monster attacks the party on a staircase infested with tentacles. Chilchuck discovers frog skin is immune to tentacle venom, allowing him to rip out a tentacle blocking a crossbow trap, killing the frog. To bypass the tentacles, Laios makes frog suits while Senshi makes pasta from tentacles and frog meat. Reaching the Castle City, the party find the orcs' abandoned stronghold. Laios is confused why the dragon is still moving from place to place. Elsewhere, Mr. Tansu reports to the local Lord who has recently received a demand from the Elf King to return lands that once belonged to the elves, which includes the dungeon. Tansu suspects the elves want the dungeon's unique spell of immortality. As the spell is likely to be held by the insane sorcerer, the Lord decides to delay the elves and support the adventurers until they defeat the sorcerer. Back in the dungeon, Laios starts to realize how difficult killing the dragon will be due to the absence of Falin, Namari, and Shuro. The decision is instead made to lure and trap it. The dragon finally appears after Senshi makes frog meat cutlets.
11"Red Dragon I"
Transliteration: "Reddo Doragon Ichi" (Japanese: 炎竜1)
Hideyuki SatakeNanami HiguchiNobutoshi OguraMarch 14, 2024 (2024-03-14)
The plan goes awry when Laios drops the cooking pot shield thanks to the dragon's fire breath, forcing the party to lead it to a trap Marcille has set up. When this fails, Kensuke panics and jumps out of reach, leaving Laios weaponless while Senshi's axe shatters on the dragon's scales. Luckily, Senshi's chef knife is made of mithril, which Chilchuck ultimately uses to blind the dragon's left eye. With the dragon distracted, Chilchuck and Senshi grabs Kensuke and throw it to Laios before they are buried under rubble. With Marcille's magic, Laios manages to kill the dragon. However, he loses his leg in the process. While on the ground, Laios remembers how he first discovered Falin was able to communicate with ghosts after she rescued him. He abruptly awakens after Falin confusingly tells him goodbye and not to worry about her. After Marcille heals everyone, Chilchuck demands Laios eventually explain about his sword. The party then slowly carves the dragon up to reach the organs. Unfortunately, they discover the dragon staying awake for longer than normal sped up the digestion process and all they find of Falin is her magic staff and her skeleton.
12"Red Dragon II"
Transliteration: "Reddo Doragon Ni" (Japanese: 炎竜2)
Chiho KiyotaKimiko UenoChiho KiyotaMarch 21, 2024 (2024-03-21)
Due to the complex rules of resurrection, the party is unable to take Falin's bones to the surface or fetch a necromancer. In desperation, Marcille decides to perform the spell herself using dragon meat to regrow Falin's missing parts. This also reveals her strongest magic is Ancient Black Magic, which she rarely uses as it is considered evil. Reassembling Falin's skeleton, Marcille performs the spell and Falin is resurrected. After getting over her confusion, Falin and Marcille bathe while Laios worries about how to safely return to the surface again. Chilchuck is conflicted over knowing Marcille can use illegal magic. Senshi prepares to cook the dragon, unaware the fuel that creates its fire breath has leaked, causing a giant explosion. Everyone survives thanks to Falin, who somehow used magic without an incantation. With the dragon now on fire, Senshi makes dragon soup, pizzas and steaks. Falin easily accepts eating monsters, thrilling Laios who also finally reveals the truth about Kensuke. As no one can decide what to do with it, Laios continues to keep it for now. As the party sleeps that night, another elf finds the dragon corpse and the remains of Marcille's forbidden ancient magic spell.
13"Red Dragon III"
Transliteration: "Reddo Doragon San" (Japanese: 炎竜3)
Kōdai NakanoYū SatōKōdai NakanoMarch 28, 2024 (2024-03-28)
"Good Medicine"
Transliteration: "Ryōyaku" (Japanese: 良薬)
Falin sleepwalks back to the dragon corpse where the elf is angry she failed to locate Lord Delgal. Laios recognizes the elf as the one from the Living Picture Monsters, now revealed as the insane sorcerer who built the dungeon. The elf uses similar ancient magic as Marcille. As her body is made of dragon flesh, the elf is able to transform Falin into a new form to locate Delgal. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is captured by a group of orcs led by Chief Zon's sister, Leed. While Marcille and Laios are unconscious, Chilchuck suggests lying to them so they agree to return to the surface instead of saving Falin. Leed is disgusted but agrees to take him to retrieve his belongings so he can leave alone. Chilchuck notices the dragon corpse has now disappeared entirely. Leed coaxes him to recount the story of how they killed the dragon. This causes Chilchuck to realize he is afraid of having to watch his friends die. After retrieving everyone's belongings, he tries to convince Laios to follow his plan. When Senshi approves of the idea, Laios reluctantly agrees.

Other media

In 2017, a stop motion animation, subtitled Senshi's Easy Cooking! (センシのかんたんクッキング!, Senshi no Kantan Kukkingu!), was released on YouTube to commemorate the release of the manga's fifth volume.[49] In 2019, an animated commercial produced by Trigger was released to promote the manga's eighth volume.[50]

On January 9, 2024, it was announced that a pop-up restaurant would be established in Shibuya at the n_space event space, which would exhibit food depicted in the manga, from January 18–21.[51] Some visitors were given packs of ramen said to be "made" from the red dragon.[52]


Volume 1 reached the 11th place on the weekly Oricon manga charts[53] and it was the 87th best-selling manga volume in Japan from November 17, 2014, to May 17, 2015, with 315,298 copies sold.[54] As of August 16, 2015, it had sold 381,614 copies.[55] Volume 2 reached the 3rd place on the charts[55] and, as of September 17, 2015, had sold 362,906 copies.[56] As of August 2017, the first 4 volumes had over 2 million copies in print.[57]

The manga was chosen as the 13th best manga of 2015 in the Book of the Year manga ranking of Da Vinci magazine.[58] The 2016 edition of the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! guidebook ranked the series at number one on its list of top 20 manga for male readers.[59] The manga was nominated for the 9th to 12th Manga Taishō Award from 2016 to 2019.


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