The Democratic Convergence Party (Portuguese: Partido da Convergência Democrática, PCD) is a political party in Guinea-Bissau.


The party was formed on 2 August 1991 by Víctor Mandinga.[1] In the 1994 elections it put forward Carlos Gomes Júnior as its candidate as Mandinga was ineligible due to not having both parents born in Guinea-Bissau.[2] In the elections to the National People's Assembly the party received 5.3% of the vote but failed to win a seat.

Prior to the 2004 elections the party joined the United Platform alliance, which failed to win a seat. It contested the 2008 elections as part of the Democratic Alliance, which won a single seat. The party ran alone in the 2014 parliamentary elections, winning two seats.[3]

The alliance contested the 2023 legislative election as part of a PAIGC-led coalition, the Inclusive Alliance Platform – Terra Ranka, that won 54 out of the 102 available seats.[4]

Election results

National People's Assembly

Election Votes % Seats +/– Position Status
1994 15,411 5.30%
0 / 100
New Increase 5th Extra-parliamentary
1999 Did not contest
0 / 102
Steady 0 Extra-parliamentary
2004 Part of the United Platform
0 / 100
Steady 0 Increase 4th Extra-parliamentary
2008 Part of the Democratic Alliance Decrease 8th Opposition
2014 19,757 3.37%
2 / 102
Increase 4th Opposition
2019 9,864 1.64%
0 / 102
Decrease 2 Decrease 6th Extra-parliamentary
2023 Part of the Inclusive Alliance Platform TBA


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