S-Ray 007
Role Two-seat amphibious single-engine aircraft
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Dornier Technologie
Designer Iren Dornier [de]
First flight 14 July 2007
Developed from Dornier Libelle

The Dornier S-Ray 007 is a two-seat amphibious aircraft concept designed by Dornier Technologie.[1][2][3]

The concept is similar to that of the Dornier Libelle from the 1920s,[4] and thus originally, the aircraft also carried the name Dornier Libelle. However, it was later changed to Dornier Stingray. Before the first aircraft could be built, the name was changed a third time to the Dornier S-Ray 007. The leader of the project is Iren Dornier [de], grandson of Claude Dornier and owner of Dornier Technologie.[3][5]

The flying boat is a high-wing aircraft, featuring a one-piece wing which is connected with the centrally-mounted Rotax 912S engine and propeller, on a stable aerodynamically-shaped central support pylon, to the fuselage. The S-Ray 007 is built from reinforced plastics with carbon fibre reinforcements,[6] which makes the flying boat very resistant to salt water. The aircraft is equipped with retractable landing gear, and two 50 litre fuel tanks.

The maiden flight of the Dornier S-Ray 007 was held on 14 July 2007 at Friedrichshafen airport, and the aircraft was piloted by Gerhard Thalhammer.[7]


Data from Iren Dornier S-Ray 007[8]

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