Do N, Ka 87
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Kawasaki Kōkūki Kōgyō K.K.
Designer Richard Vogt of Dornier
First flight 19 February 1926
Primary user Imperial Japanese Army Air Force
Number built 28

The Dornier N was a bomber aircraft designed in Germany in the 1920s for production in Japan. Production of 28 aircraft started in Japan in 1927, as the Kawasaki Ka 87 (also known as the Type 87 Night Bomber). Designed and built as a landplane, its layout was strongly reminiscent of the Dornier flying boats of the same period; a parasol-wing, strut-braced monoplane with two engines, mounted in a push-pull nacelle above the wing. Some of the 28 examples built saw action in Manchuria in 1931.


Data from Japanese Aircraft 1910–1941[1]

General characteristics




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